Arlene Duncan


Fatima is the owner and operator of Mercy's favorite hangout, Fatima's Café. She's a no–nonsense Nigerian–Canadian Muslim who doesn't suffer fools lightly. Fatima calls it like she sees it, usually to your face. It's understandable if Fatima seems a bit prickly, she's had rough life. She grew up in a small village in Nigeria. Her husband passed away early into their marriage leaving Fatima to raise their son alone after coming to Mercy. Despite her traditional Muslim upbringing and conservative views, she is part of the mainstream culture. When customers order her famous goat curry she asks: Do you want fries with that? When it comes to the mosque, Fatima can be just as conservative as Baber. While Fatima believes that modesty and propriety go hand in hand, she often helps Baber navigate the waters of Layla's westernized ways. Fatima is always willing to go out of her way for those close to her. Rayyan considers Fatima her “Muslim mother” and will often go to her for the female Muslim perspective. Fatima even has a special admirer in Fred. She doesn't really mind that Fred has a crush on her, as long as he admires from a distance.


ARLENE DUNCAN is a multi–talented singer and actor who works in television, film theatre and radio. Some of the many television and film credits to her name include Puppets Who Kill, Regenesis, Degrassi: The Next Generation, This Is Wonderland, Queer As Folk, Get Rich Or Die Tryin, The Music Man, Leap Years and Soul Food. She has also appeared in many theatre productions including Jacob Two–Two, The Nutmeg Princess, The Evolution of Jazz, Ain't Misbehavin', Ragtime and Tommy. Her selected radio credits include Eastcoasting, The Mystery Project: “The Old Guy”, The Good Canadian, Force Of Circumstance and Morningside.