Neil Crone


Fred is the host of a local radio talk show ‘Wake-up People!’ He uses his show to fuel people's suspicions about the growing Muslim community. This “Chicken Little” is convinced the sky is falling right over Mercy, and no one seems to care. Fred doesn't believe he's promoting intolerance. He believes his liberal commie critics are against freedom of speech. Some say that Fred is still bitter since he's no longer Mayor, but Fred knows that he can do more to save his community on the airwaves than on a soapbox. He does help spark a lot of healthy debate often testing the limits of Amaar's patience. Fred does have some redeeming qualities. This provocative muckraker has a genuine affection for the people in his community, even the Muslims. In his downtime Fred enjoys the simpler things in life, like working on his tan or hanging out with his fellow Prairie Dog Lodge buddies. But what he enjoys most is a hearty meal from Fatima's Café. He comes for the food but stays for her company.


NEIL CRONE is an actor and writer who has performed in dozens of TV shows, television and radio commercials, and is the voice of numerous cartoon characters every Saturday morning, including: YTV's hit series Erky–Perky, Pearlie and The Adventures of Bob and Doug Mackenzie. Look for Neil in the soon to be released comedy feature ‘Eating Buccaneers’. A Second City Mainstage alumnus, Neil has been performing improvised and sketch comedy for over twenty years and was recently awarded the Canadian Comedy Award for his radio work as Q107's Bad Santa. When Neil isn't acting, he is busy writing; as an award–winning weekly humor columnist and blogger for Metroland papers or as the author of stories in verse for “Big and Little Kids”. His first children's book, “I Am Dead at Recess,” is currently published on the Internet.