Brandon Firla


A Thorne by any other name would still be a jab in Amaar's side. When Reverend Magee left Mercy, his replacement arrived in the form of the handsome young Thorne. His mission is to revive the dwindling numbers of Mercy's Anglican parish. Thorne is a big city guy through–and–through. To him, life in a small prairie town is his own personal cross to bear. His motto: “I'm here for a God time, not a long time”. This is one ambitious Anglican who's anxious to climb the ranks. Thorne is convinced that once he turns the Mercy parish around, he'll be granted any post he wishes. There's only one tiny flaw in his immaculate plan. Thorne never expected to find a Mosque in his church. Amaar and Thorne may both hail from Toronto but that's where the connection ends. Thorne is a charismatic smooth talker who would almost be as equally convincing wearing horns instead of a halo. Thorne is one Anglican who believes that Muslims are just plain wrong. If he manages to revive his flock, it may not leave much room for a Mosque. But it's nothing personal, he thinks most other non–Christians are hell bound too.


BRANDON FIRLA A winner of two Canadian Comedy Awards, Brandon most recently played the charming sociopath Clark Claxton III on the hit Showcase sitcom, Billable Hours, which earned him a Gemini award nomination. Some of his other credits include the feature Finn on the Fly, alongside Saturday Night Live's Ana Gasteyer; The Robber Bride, opposite Mary Louise–Parker; Man of the Year, with Robin Williams, and the HBO miniseries, Band of Brothers. Brandon writes and produces theatre in Toronto with his brother, Kurt, and composer Waylen Miki. The trio are responsible for SARSical: the musical about a real showstopper; and most recently, they sent–up Al Gore's environmental crusade with An Inconvenient Musical. Both productions won Dora Mavor Moore awards. He is a graduate of the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.