Manoj Sood


Baber is the voice of his generation. Only, his generation happens to be the dark ages. If there's an opinion to be had (or heard!) it's coming from Baber's direction. Baber is more than happy to dole out free advice, but only because he considers it priceless. He sees himself as the true spiritual leader of the community in Mercy even if no one else does. On occasion he has delivered sermons in Amaar's absence, often bringing the congregants to tears (of boredom). Being the mosque treasurer makes Baber a sizeable pebble in Amaar's shoe. Baber's hobby is pointing out Amaar's shortcomings. On the surface he is a staunch fundamentalist who would like to see a return to more traditional Muslim values. Some of his greatest hits include erecting a prayer barrier and trying to install a separate entrance for women at the mosque. Baber's biggest weakness is his daughter Layla. He was left to raise Layla on his own after separating from her mother. He'll do anything to be close to Layla. He even took a sabbatical from teaching university economics so he could teach at Mercy High. With one year left to go before gradation, Baber is in for a big surprise if he thinks he can stop his little girl from growing up.


MANOJ SOOD was born in Mombassa, Kenya and grew up in Western Canada. Manoj entered the entertainment world in 1994 and has been working steadily as an actor for the past 15 years. Manoj has appeared in more than 45 television and feature film productions. He has appeared on popular television shows such as Da Vinci's Inquest, The Dead Zone and Dead Like Me. Manoj has also acted in popular films such as American Meltdown, Rat Race, and more recently the feature film, Watchmen. He has just finished filming a leading role in the feature film, Fathers and Sons and currently Manoj finds himself in Toronto filming a leading role on the 4th season of CBC Television's hit series Little Mosque on the Prairie.