December 3, 2008

Q&A with Arlene Duncan

This week we connect with ARLENE DUNCAN, also known as the straightforward "tell it like it is" Fatima Dinssa, owner of Fatima's Café, the hub of Mercy.

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November 5, 2008

Viewers' Choice Q&A with Sitara Hewitt

This week we connect with SITARA HEWITT for the viewers' choice Q&A, bringing you answers to your questions.

Sitara Hewitt, much like her character Rayyan Hamoudi, is a strong, intelligent and vibrant woman. The former classically trained dancer has worked in many facets of the entertainment industry—as a dancer, host, model and actor. Sitara recently participated in our VIEWERS' CHOICE Q&A series, answering questions on challenges and triumphs of being on Little Mosque, her new role on the web spin-off "I on Mercy", and hijab chic fashion.

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October 22, 2008

Q&A with Manoj Sood

This week Orla Garriques meets up with MANOJ SOOD via teleconference for the viewers’ choice Q&A, bringing you what you want to know.

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September 24, 2008

Behind the Scenes with Shane Corkery & Rob Sockett

In this week’s "Behind The Scenes," we speak with two of the creators of the new Little Mosque on the Prairie interactive website. Rob Sockett, Producer of the interactive website, and Shane Corkery, Associate Producer on Season 3 of Little Mosque on the Prairie and on the website, and also our behind-the-scenes blogger. They both give us a sneak preview at what to expect with the launch of the new site on October 1st.

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September 17, 2008

Behind the Scenes with Shane Corkery - Part 5

One of our directors reminds me of a bird. A tall, handsome and graceful bird, but a bird nonetheless. Jim Allodi is an actor and director who is making his Little Mosque on the Prairie debut this season, and the show is all the better for it. One of the episodes he is directing features a new feature in the “Little Mosque” universe… violence! Not real world scary violence—but a couple of punches thrown in cartoonish barroom brawl never hurt anyone, right?

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September 9, 2008

Behind the Scenes with Shane Corkery - Part 4

Guess what! It was Customer Appreciation Day in Indian Head. We heard about this through the grapevine, and thought to our collective self: "Self, it sure would be nice to participate in this." The arrangements were made and a table was set-up on Grand Avenue. Manoj Sood, who plays Baber, graciously came out on what turned out to be a bitingly cold day and autographed posters for all who came. Michael Snook, the Saskatchewan producer, manned the table as well. Two other rapscallions also made their presence known to the townspeople—namely producer Colin Brunton and myself.

Firstly, let me say this—it was a delight. It was so great to meet some of the people from the community—not to mention the nearby communities of Wolsely, Sintaluta, Balgonie, Vibank, Halifax (okay, so I just threw that one in to see if you were paying attention). They came by to eat hamburgers and buttertarts and cookies offered by local businesses. Sadly, because we are but a miserly television production with few skills applicable to the real world ("Process your negative, sir?"), we brought the only bullet in our belt—Marc DeNuzzo, Craft Services. For those of you who have been mercilessly spared a life in entertainment, craft is just another word for food. And lots of it. Marc and his brethren on other productions make a point of feeding the hard working crew for 11 out of every 12 hours a day—the other hour being lunch.

He provided plates of cheese and crackers, candy for the kids, the kids at heart, and the merely snacky, as well as hot coffee. Though it seemed like a simple offering to the residents of our new home, it was graciously received. Especially the coffee. I was reminded of how quickly the weather can turn on you in the prairies, and on this icy cold summer day, the hot coffee went fast.

Other highlights included:
Taunting a man in a Corner Gas cap. "Oh sure, he's given you myriad laughs, but did Brent Butt ever give you coffee? Huh?" (I jest. Hello Brent.)
A lovely elderly lady commenting, after finding out I am originally from Moose Jaw, "You look like you're from Toronto, but I said to my daughter, 'he's too nice.'"
Colin Brunton quizzing an elderly lady about Satchel Paige, a baseball star from the Negro leagues who played in Western Canada, including Indian Head. "We'd go to an early game, go home and do our chores, and return for the night game."

Thank you Indian Head. You are appreciated.

September 2, 2008

Behind the Scenes with Shane Corkery - Part 3

Hey folks. Shane again.

Today, set was practically ransacked by a bawdy group of teenagers. In actual fact, the bawdy group of teenagers was a perfectly lovely group of teenagers, but we paid them to pretend to be bawdy in a party scene. It's called being an actor, don't you know--actually we call it being a Background Performer so we don't have to pay you more!

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Behind the Scenes with Shane Corkery - Part 2

So, while Indian Head is a small town, relatively speaking--think of a meteor rather than Jupiter--it is still big enough to take a few minutes to get around. While I am largely confined to my little cubbyhole in my trailer, the agile crew moves with grace and dexterity to every corner of the town. Yesterday, they found themselves in the middle of a field of wheat, as well as a small forest just outside of town.  Now, because the crew is so far away from downtown, the production thought it would be a good idea to have a portable 'green room' for the cast. For those of you who don't know, the green room has nothing to do with the environment; it is just a nice space for actors to relax in between shots, etc. So in order to provide them with this, we decided to take the other trailer that was designated for producer and repurpose it to this effect.

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August 26, 2008

Behind the Scenes with Shane Corkery - Part 1

Hey people. My name is Shane Corkery, and I am the associate producer on Season 3 of Little Mosque on the Prairie.

I'm writing to you from my new office—a sleek limited edition Fleetwood Terry recreational vehicle, parked outside the post office in Indian Head, Saskatchewan. Not that you know what my old office looked like, but I can definitely say that it was a little nicer than this one, and being in a building and all, it was much better on gas. On the other hand, it doesn't corner nearly as well as this one. I am sharing this six-wheeled, wood-paneled beauty with producer Colin Brunton as we head into production on the Saskatchewan portion of this season of Little Mosque on the Prairie. It's been an exciting couple of weeks as our art department—led by the industrious and artful Brendan Smith—has transformed the lovely town of Indian Head into the even lovelier town of Mercy. After all, no town is complete without a Schnitzel Time!

Up until this point, the local bakery had kept us well stocked with donuts and fritters and cookies—though they decided to start their annual holidays on the very day that principal photography started. I guess they weren't going to let any froufrou TV types mess up their vacation plans. Personally, I say kudos to them for maintaining their integrity in the face of potentially brisk sales. On the down side, the absence of those fritters leaves a deep chasm in our collective heart that will be hard to fill.

Anyways, so here we are on day one. The sun is shining on our brand new Mosque, and we managed to shoot two scenes this morning, right out front. One of them, of course, picks up right where Season 2 left off. You know the scene, right? Where Rayyan tells Amaar that JJ has asked her to marry him and she says... Oh right. Apparently I am not supposed to reveal that part yet! That could have been the end of my blogging career. I better just leave that alone and let the audience find it out for themselves when this season starts, October 1st, 2008 at 8:30 pm on CBC... Canada Lives Here.

Oh, relax. A little corporate shilling never hurt anyone... I am off to lunch now.

August 18, 2008

The Mercy Chronicle: Issue #4


Little Mosque on the Prairie goes 'green'

The environment has been a hot button issue for years. The film and television industry has often been criticized for its lack of environmental concern. Recently, a task force was created called 'Green Screen Toronto' -- a unique partnership arrangement with the collective goal of ensuring the film and television industry has the leading 'Green Screen Protocols' in the creative sector.

During our last week of shooting in Toronto, Little Mosque on the Prairie opened its doors to Leslie Kulperger -- a consultant creating a new certification program for OMDC's 'Green Screen' initiative. Leslie took a tour of the production set and gave us feedback on how we can make our production more "green." During her tour, Leslie noticed many areas in which the production staff were consciously thinking in terms of "reuse and reduce."

Leslie was kind enough to send us a follow-up email after her visit, and has allowed us to include a few excerpts:

"Our visit began at the WestWind Pictures offices, where we were shuttled to the set studio along with an art department crew from another production. [Associate Producer] Shane Corkery took the time to lead us through the studio and answer our numerous questions... We have been continually amazed by the level of help we have received on this endeavor, and were especially pleased to have had the opportunity to actually get to see an episode being shot. It speaks volumes to the WestWind Pictures' interest and desire in improving its environmental footprint."


"Week One" of our Little Mosque on the Prairie Facebook Trivia Challenge has come to a close...

We have received a flurry of activity from participants across Canada, as well as players from as far away as Norway. This six week challenge is open to everyone, but there can only be one winner and this week we would like to congratulate Victoria Klein with the top score of 1957 points.

"Week Two" of the contest starts today -- Tuesday August 19!

Don't have a Facebook profile? You can still take part in the trivia challenge by signing up at to create your own free profile. Once you have a profile, add the Little Mosque on the Prairie Trivia Challenge application, which can be found on the official Little Mosque on the Prairie Facebook fan page.

August 12, 2008

The Mercy Chronicle: Issue #3


This week's behind the scenes we explore the Toronto set of Little Mosque on the Prairie. Janak Subramanian is an intern with WestWind Pictures. Janak along with an eclectic mix of students, researchers and crew from other productions were invited to an afternoon on set of Little Mosque on the Prairie, this is his behind the scenes disclosure...

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August 6, 2008

The Mercy Chronicle: Issue #2

Little Mosque on the Prairie shows appreciation to its fans!

From Facebook to YouTube, Little Mosque on the Prairie has been shared and discussed openly amongst diverse communities. To show our appreciation to you (our fans) we will be launching our Facebook Trivia Challenge, starting August 12. There will be one contest per week, for six weeks, each featuring ten multiple-choice questions. Players receive scores and a public leader board tracks the highest scores each week. Each week's winner receives an exclusive prize pack! Items include an official Little Mosque on the Prairie T-shirt, fashion hoodie, mug and a baseball hat, plus a poster autographed by the cast, and season one on DVD, all stuffed inside a very fashionable Little Mosque on the Prairie tote bag.

It's just our way of saying THANKS to you for your support of Little Mosque on the Prairie.

For those who do not have a Facebook profile you can take part in our trivia challenge by signing up at to create your own free profile. Add the trivia application, which can be found (starting August 12) by simply visiting our Official Little Mosque on the Prairie Facebook site.

In this week's behind the scenes interview we speak with Mandy Merzaban, a devoted fan of the show and the creator of two of the hottest Facebook Groups: Canadians Who Love Little Mosque on the Prairie and Zaib Shaikh Appreciation (Amaar Rashid on Little Mosque on the Prairie). Mandy, a recent graduate from the University of British Columbia, discusses openly her love for the show, her devotion to her Facebook groups, and her interest in creating an online space to discuss issues regarding cultural identity.

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