December 3, 2009

In Toronto? Meet Arlene Duncan and Brandon Firla, Friday Dec 4 at "Sounds of the Season"

If you're in Toronto, kick off a season of giving on Friday, December 4th at the CBC Broadcasting Centre for a day of live programming in support of local food banks, and meet some of the cast members from Little Mosque!

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October 20, 2009

The Lowdown on Background

Hi Minnie and Mosque-witzes,

(Okay, even I admit the bad play-on-words are getting to be a little too obscure--"Fans of 70s independent American cinema will find this hilarious," said the sad little blogger to himself, delusionally.)

Anyways, to the topic at hand! Like most shows, we use a lot of extras, or "background performers" as they are more politely and rightly called. They are the folks wandering down the streets of Mercy. They are the ones at the mosque who aren't cracking jokes. They are the ones in Fatima's diner who are always talking but mysteriously can't be heard. The background performers might not always seem to be doing a whole lot--but what they are doing is harder than it looks, and it can mean the difference between a vibrant scene and a dead one.

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January 30, 2008

Little Mosque on the road

Little Mosque is heading out on the road. We're heading to Regina, Winnipeg, Calgary and Vancouver for free episode screenings followed by a Q&A with Little Mosque on the Prairie creator Zarqa Nawaz, producers Mary Darling and Michael Snook, and actors Sheila McCarthy (Sarah) and Manoj Sood (Baber).

Tuesday, February 5 -- Regina, SK
6pm. Shumiatcher Theatre, MacKenzie Art Gallery, 3475 Albert St.

Wednesday, February 6 -- Winnipeg, MB
Garrick Centre, Marlborough Hotel, 331 Smith St.

Thursday, February 7 -- Calgary, AB
The Plaza Theatre, 1133 Kensington Rd.

Friday, February 8 -- Vancouver, BC
Rio Theatre, 1660 East Broadway

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