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Insert Mosque Pun Here

Sshhhhh. I'll have to type quietly, because I don't want to disturb the writers next door. "But hasn't season 5 been completely written?" To which I respond: Sshhhhhh.

I hope you guys enjoyed that week's triumphant episode. A few of you on facebook have certainly had positive things to say. Even our resident critic P. Joy Webster found the courage deep within her to come forward with this statement:

After all the negative comments that I made last year, it is my responsibility to write and say that I'm LOVING this season.

P. Joy Webster, to you I say this: Aww, shucks. It weren't nothin'.

Be sure to tune in next week for another good episode, Brother Can You Spare a Mosque? It was written by Andrew Carr of Corner Gas fame and, more importantly, it stars a mattress salesman! Also, I think some other characters are there as well. Like a drifter played by one of the co-executive producers' brother... but before you say anything, he earned that role dammit! Maybe Amaar and Rayyan show up too, I can barely remember. ;)