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The Muslim Cosby Show

Hey, they're engaged! Who saw that coming? Especially from an episode called The Proposal? Not me, that's for sure! And I read the script too. And saw them shoot the proposal scene. Still... shocking! Coming next Monday on Little Mosque is an episode called The Angry Separation. No, not really. It is in fact entitled Bromancing the Imam. It's full of engagement hijinks between Rayyan and Amaar, and Reverend Thorne starting along a new path to being... better-er. Hint: it's an uphill battle!

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In other news this week. Katie Couric tells her viewers that America needs "a Muslim Cosby show". Ummm, hello? We're right up here? Katie! Yoo hoo! Oh well. Maybe she won't listen to us, but surely she will listen to Fox News making the case. It feels odd to be mentioned on Fox News without all sorts of hateful commentary. Luckily, that came from the comments section on the article!

Little Mosque on the Prairie. Monday at 8PM on CBC! Watch it. Cause the Hockey World Juniors are over!