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Spreading the word

Did you happen to catch Zaib Shaikh on @Katiecouric? Zaib was a part of a Muslim panel she held in response to the amount of feedback she got from her "Muslim Cosby Show" a few weeks back. Quoth Zaib, "I'm no Imam, I just play one on TV." Watch the whole segment:;housing

Next week on Little Mosque: Roomies. A leak in the roof of Amaar's loft sends him scrambling to find another place to live and all roads lead to Thorne much to the Imam's chagrin. Thorne loves having Amaar there and is hurt when he doesn't want to stay. So Thorne sets out to make sure Amaar has no place else to go. Meanwhile, Sarah fights off aging to the point of injury to impress an old friend who stops by Mercy for a visit.

I know. Crazy right?