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December 8, 2010

The Morning After

A couple of you may remember that at the end of last season, Rayyan told Amaar she loved him, and Amaar told Rayyan that he loved her. In fact, I think a whole lot of you do. In the minutes after that episode aired, it looked like facebook's servers were going to crash under the weight of all of those 'OMG!'s and 'It's about time!'s.

And so begins a new season of Little Mosque on the Prairie. We hope you enjoyed our little Christmas amuse-bouche (Watch 'A Holiday Story' here) but it is nearly time for the main course. Season 5 is jam-packed full of great stories with the characters you love, and lovely stories for the great characters you don't. Click though to the blog post for more!

And there will be a few surprises along the way. For example, you'll never, ever guess what happens in the first episode, cryptically entitled, "The Proposal." Well... Maybe it isn't so much about the destination as it is about the journey. Find out for yourselves on January 3, at 8:00 PM

As Mayor Ann would say, "Giddy up!"

Behind the scenes:

Episode 501
This is a field in Saskatchewan. Get used to it, because you are going to see it a million times. Well, three at least.

Episode 501
From left to right: The arm of our 'on set salad dresser', Sheila McCarthy, Sitara Hewitt, the assistant props lady/mother of the child of the salad guy with the arm, and director Brian K. Roberts.

Episode 501
Still Life with Actors, Windmill, and Clapboard, 2010