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Little Mosque on the Snowy Prairie

Hey everyone, look... Muslims! And snow! It can only mean one thing... another Little Mosque on the Prairie holiday special!

That's right. Our new season doesn't officially start until January 3rd. That's when you can look forward to seeing what happens after the bombshell that was dropped at the very end of last season. But in order to whet your appetite, we've got a lovely little present for you, wrapped in garlands, filled with surprises! Like the return of Yasir and Duncan Magee! (Oops, I guess I ruined the surprise. I was never particularly good at keeping secrets. (Damn! That was supposed to be a secret too!))

On December 6th at 9 PM, please join us for the Little Mosque on the Prairie holiday special. Not only are all of your favourite characters back, but it also somehow manages to bend the time-space continuum and have both Reverends, Magee And Thorne, in the same episode! It's practically like Lost. Except with kufis.

Here are a couple of behind the scenes pictures:

A Holiday Story
I was there that day, but I still have no idea what Manoj Sood is doing.

A Holiday Story
Director Steve Wright and some other guy. Derek something-or-other. Though he does look familiar. Vaguely.