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Oh... hi there. I didn't see you come in. Long time, no see. Welcome to 2010!

We have a few things on the go that I thought I share with you. Click through for the scoop!

Number one, we've launched the new Thorne Again webisodes. Yes, the one and only Reverend William Thorne will be answering your questions on faith and spirituality as only he can. Please check them out. We've got seven episodes up now, and more to come each week. There's even one where he gets a letter from Duncan Magee! You can catch them all on:

Speaking of Thorne, the actor Brandon Firla will be appearing on the CBC's new Test The Nation: IQ. If you're not familiar with the show, it is a lively contest where different in-studio teams face off against each other and YOU the viewer. And what team will our beloved reverend be playing for? The Atheists! Learn more at:

Finally, if you've seen the promos for the upcoming episode of Little Mosque, you already know that the town of Mercy is about to enter itself into the Hockeyville competition. Even fictional towns need new rinks too! You can catch that episode on Monday at 8:30. And this Saturday, on Hockey Night in Canada, Zaib Shaikh (Amaar), Manoj Sood (Baber) and Brandon Firla (Atheist) will be at the game in Montreal. And we understand that they will spill the beans on the show. Check it out hockey fans.


Hey fans, another reminder that the Little Mosque Facebook Quiz is still happening. See if you know the minutiae of Mercy and you could win some prizes!


I really like this show, but I'm getting tired of plots centering on Rev. Thorne, this season. I hope next season, the Little Mosque on the Prairie will go back to it's root which was season one: where each main character had a plot in every episode.

I was really hoping as I clicked through that "the scoop" in this post would be about Yasir. I kow he's away with his mother, but is he ever coming back to the show?

Hey! Episode "Holly" was hilarious! Had more of the feel of the first two seasons. A touch of religious perspective and a good dose of humor!

Well Done!

Salaam, I LOOOOVE LITTLE MOSQUE. Thank you sooooo much! My husband himself is an Imam here in California and we both are enjoying watching even the old episodes :) again n again!!!
My favorite character is barber, his is sarah, hehehe! Its amazing how funny the show is, really great job! Wonderful job!
I even know of "barber-similar-community-members" who started watching the episodes with joy, hehehe The topics in the mosques changed to: did u watched the last episode? =)
May God bless u all,
with greetings,
sister halima

when is the new episode (16) of season four going to go on air???

I just hope this show keeps going on for many more seasons :).

Though I must say, I agree that there is a little too much emphasis on Rev. Thorne. But still, love it...and we miss Yasir!

Love the show! I too am wondering when Yasir will be returning.

Where is he off the show, or is he doing work elsewhere on TV? Tired of the silly phone calls. Please go back to the old format where each character has there own story line.

Could someone please tell us the manufacturer, model and year of the car parked in front of Fatima's Cafe in episode 416.
Many Thanks

Hullo from Australia. Have just been introduced to the first series on our multicultural broadcaster and have become an addict. We could do with a similar series based in our country - it might lead to more tolerance, something which is badly needed today. All the best, God bless, Trish

I've got to say, I wasn't sure about Rev. Thorne at first, but now I think he's hilarious! Season 3 was a bit disappointing for me, and I think Season 4 is much more like Season 2 (my favourite season). One thing I was wondering about though, is this: if Mercy is such a small town, then why don't we get to see the characters from other episodes/seasons around town? They could just be in the background somewhere, or just say one line here and there. Maybe it's too much of a nightmare to organize that, I don't know. It just seems weird that they disappear so quickly. I guess the focus is on the main characters, but I think it would show more of what a small town is like to recognize everyone. Anyway, it's the highlight of my week every Tuesday night when I get to watch the new episodes (I don't have cable, so I watch them the next night online).

Thank-you, thank-you, THANK-YOU for last night's episode! It was so good to have such a great episode at the end of this mostly awful season. I'm So glad that Amaar & Rayyan finally confessed their love for each other & that Thorne got his comeuppance. Mind you, his song & dance number at the beginning were funny & I loved when he tore up the contract with the atheist. Those were great moments. I am glad, too, that the Muslims did the right thing towards him & not the vengeful thing. The best, though, is that Amaar & Rayyan have finally, finally, FINALLY realised they are in love with each other. *SIGH!* What a wonderful, romantic ending! :D

Question - is Yasir coming back?

Hey, GREAT SHOW!!! Like some of the people already mentioned I"m missing Yassir on the show. But I have a bigger question. Will there be a Season 5?

This is getting serious. I paused in the middle of the latest episode to come and ask WHERE IS YASIR/CARL? Is he sick? Have we lost him? NOOOOO!!!!

Hey, is it really the end of LMOTP?

Hi, I enjoyed the season 4 finale. I guess a few viewers have mentioned the chuckle I got from the Timothy Eaton Church reference. Timothy Eaton Memorial is part of the United Church of Canada, not Anglican, although it's not easy to tell the difference. Once I quipped to someone who regularly attended there that Timothy Eaton is High United, and they took me seriously, and said, yes, it is. The script could have mentioned other Toronto Anglican Churches like Transfiguration or St. Mary Magdelene. Or even Holy Trinity. That would have been a choice posting for the Rev. Mr. Thorne.

Hi again. I've had a couple of inklings on the back story of the season 4 finale. It is now obvious that the Archbishop knew all about what was going on. Who leaked the information to him. I'm betting it was Joe, the field guy. What do you think?