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January 15, 2010


Oh... hi there. I didn't see you come in. Long time, no see. Welcome to 2010!

We have a few things on the go that I thought I share with you. Click through for the scoop!

Number one, we've launched the new Thorne Again webisodes. Yes, the one and only Reverend William Thorne will be answering your questions on faith and spirituality as only he can. Please check them out. We've got seven episodes up now, and more to come each week. There's even one where he gets a letter from Duncan Magee! You can catch them all on:

Speaking of Thorne, the actor Brandon Firla will be appearing on the CBC's new Test The Nation: IQ. If you're not familiar with the show, it is a lively contest where different in-studio teams face off against each other and YOU the viewer. And what team will our beloved reverend be playing for? The Atheists! Learn more at:

Finally, if you've seen the promos for the upcoming episode of Little Mosque, you already know that the town of Mercy is about to enter itself into the Hockeyville competition. Even fictional towns need new rinks too! You can catch that episode on Monday at 8:30. And this Saturday, on Hockey Night in Canada, Zaib Shaikh (Amaar), Manoj Sood (Baber) and Brandon Firla (Atheist) will be at the game in Montreal. And we understand that they will spill the beans on the show. Check it out hockey fans.


Hey fans, another reminder that the Little Mosque Facebook Quiz is still happening. See if you know the minutiae of Mercy and you could win some prizes!