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A thoughtful response

Last week’s blog generated some interesting conversations on the facebook page from our loyal fans. Mostly people seemed to think that, generally, of course it was no big deal that Yasir sent Jesus a smashing to the ground. It was, after all, an accident. The same blog entry was also met with a much meatier response by Gordon Nickel in the Vancouver Sun. Please follow the link to read his piece, and the comments that follow. Thanks to Gordon Nickel for his perspective, as well as everyone who chimed in!

Also, next on Little mosque: Gloves Will Keep Us Together

Rev. Thorne goads Amaar into a charity prize fight and Amaar tries to back out , until he realizes the beating will be less painful than the loss of face for the Muslims. Meanwhile, Sarah forgets to give Yasir a message from Thorne about the church reno, prompting Yasir to threaten to quit over Thorne’s unreasonable demands...

Tune in Tuesday Dec 1 on CBC


As the season takes shape, I dislike the road that the writers appear to be taking. Conflict is good, if resolution is there somewhere. The Rev. Thorne has no room for tolerance. When we are making every effort in schools to teach tolerance, it may be a great oppportunity that the media also use their power to deliver this message. It goes beyond religion. Just last weeks students were immitating another tv show & it ended with students being hurt & 20 students being suspended.
I would like to see more writing comparing the 2 religions & finding some of the common ground - violence not being one of them!
The only part of this episode I thought worth while was the Quality Street & Corontation Street reference.

where is yaser ?!!