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November 30, 2009

A thoughtful response

Last week’s blog generated some interesting conversations on the facebook page from our loyal fans. Mostly people seemed to think that, generally, of course it was no big deal that Yasir sent Jesus a smashing to the ground. It was, after all, an accident. The same blog entry was also met with a much meatier response by Gordon Nickel in the Vancouver Sun. Please follow the link to read his piece, and the comments that follow. Thanks to Gordon Nickel for his perspective, as well as everyone who chimed in!

Also, next on Little mosque: Gloves Will Keep Us Together

Rev. Thorne goads Amaar into a charity prize fight and Amaar tries to back out , until he realizes the beating will be less painful than the loss of face for the Muslims. Meanwhile, Sarah forgets to give Yasir a message from Thorne about the church reno, prompting Yasir to threaten to quit over Thorne’s unreasonable demands...

Tune in Tuesday Dec 1 on CBC

November 16, 2009

Broken Statues

You smash a Jesus on network TV and no one even complains! What does it take to startle a jaded viewer nowadays!?

Not that we set out to shock anyone. In fact, many months ago, when someone first came up with the idea of Yasir accidentally smashing a Jesus statue, everyone pretty much said, "we can't do that!" But the idea kept kicking around and gaining steam, and people began to ask, "well.... Why not?" Why not indeed? So we did. We broke a Saviour and/or Prophet.... You know, depending on your perspective.

There were a lot of conversation about exactly how to depict it, how many pieces should Jesus break into, what pieces can we show, should we see him smash, or just hear it, etc. A great deal of care and conversation went into this. Of course we were dealing with something outrageous and potentially offensive, but the goal wasn't shock for the sake of.

All of this careful planning, and just two weeks before our episode airs--Aliens land on Earth in the new series V, and in the first five minutes A JESUS SHATTERS INTO A MILLION PIECES!! Right there, on screen, a Jesus on a crucifix falls from the balcony and a priest pushes a man in a wheelchair out of the way just in time. (On a side note, maybe people would like Thorne more if he saved more people from falling statues. Note for season 5.) But honestly, in the history of television, how many seasons of network television have featured the smashing of a Jesus? And now two smashed Jesuses in two weeks? That's an awful lot of Jesus smashing! It might be a little early to call it a trend, but I'll be keeping my eye on it nonetheless.

And so far, not a peep on our website. People have been generally pretty vocal about their disapproval of Thorne, the departure of Magee, the new direction of the series, the depiction of the Anglican parishioners, etc.

But you smash a Jesus and not a word. Go figure!


I just realized that in 2012, the new disaster movie about the end of the world, there is a smashing of the famous Jesus in Rio de Janeiro! That's three Jesuses in two weeks!! Can you spot the smashing Jesuses below?



...and Little Mosque on CBC


A reminder to everyone that there is a Little Mosque Facebook Quiz happening right now! Play and you could win some great Little Mosque prizes.

Also, there have been a few small changes on the website. You'll notice that we have added a section of secondary characters, one that will likely keep growing. Go and check out Joe and Faisal, or even Officer Mike and Gordon the Chiropractor!