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This week in Mercy...

Hi all,

Another week in the Mosque-verse. Big news: Rayyan moved out! Not-so-big news: Thorne is still mean!

LMOP Campaign

Behind the Scenes

People like to make fun of the CBC, and Canadian television in general. They think it is low budget, poorly made, and, most of all, poorly marketed. Even if we do make a good show, we can't sell it. Well, for those people, check out the photo above - here I give you a rare behind-the-scenes glimpse at the creation of a high-tech, big budget advertising campaign conceived in the Little Mosque headquarters. Top that, Hollywood!


In the next few days, look for a new Facebook Trivia Challenge. Try to brush up on your episodes from last year and this year, because your Mosque I.Q. (M.Q.? L.M.Q.? L.M.O.T.P.Q.?) will be put to the test! As always, there will be modest prizes in the grand tradition of the finest Canadian television. But more importantly, it is your chance to see yourself at the top of the electronic leader board. Keep your eye on the site for details, and if you're not on 'the facebook,' as my dear grandmother would say, do it now!

Elsewhere in facebook news, the show page continues to be a hotbed for debate and, more specifically, Thorne-bashing. Some of the recent highlights include:

"Watched the second show, actually laughed a few times. But then here comes the new Rev to take away any humor and smiles that may have been in me and replace it with anger and frowns and disgust. Once again, towards the end of the show, I catch myself saying "What a jerk!" ever time that horrible Rev came into the scene."

I recently bumped into Brandon Firla, the actor who plays the dastardly clergyman, and he said that he'd read some of the comments and was actually delighted! After all, he had set out to create a villainous and unlikeable character. Well done... you jerk.

And then, alone in the wilds, a few clear voices actually rose above the din to defend the character of Reverend Thorne:

"These Thorne comments have made me realize why Canadian television is thought of as so boring. It is because our audiences in Canada demand bland, middle of the road material. Proof in point, read comments below. God forbid there should be conflict or a FICTIONAL character that doesn't have good ethics, cause that would insult and offend our sensibilities. ITS CALLED SATIRE PEOPLE!"

People, people... please think twice about saying nice things about Thorne, or someone's feelings will be hurt. If you can't say anything hateful, don't say anything at all! ;)

Next week's show:

Rayyan's parents promise not to pop in but then leave their key in Rayyan's house. When Sarah sneaks back in to retrieve it, she gets trapped when Rayyan returns unexpectedly. Meanwhile, Rev. Thorne targets Rayyan for conversion as a way to taunt Amaar but the Imam falls for Thorne's trick and does battle for Rayyan's soul.


Bah. Just let me know when this is over and we're poking fun at our quirky selves again, and I'll be back. Human idiosyncrasies rule. Evil and hate, not so much.

Even the description on the TV guide was negative enough for me NOT to watch this episode. As many of the readers have already commented and as I commented on a previous note (albeit, in the wrong section), our family does not plan to watch the show again until we hear that the new minister is gone for good. After the second episode this season, toning down is no longer sufficient.

The show before was not boring or bland, on the contrary, it was quite witty and intelligent. It didn't need a buffoon who's virtually copied Basil Fawlty without his charm. The character doesn't offend me because he's unscrupulous or mean, he bothers me because he was not needed and he's not a welcome addition. He has tilted the balance of the show towards cartoon-like fundamentalism. We already had Baber and Fred who, despite their narrowmindedness are lovable in their own way. But this guy is just awful. There was really no need for him... conflict and tension are fine, but this has turned into the Reverend Thorne show and he's such a bad character that the charm is leaving the Little Mosque.

While I enjoyed all of last season's shows, I am not thrilled with this season. I understand some 'new' story lines, which include conflict it seems, are usually presented, but as a borne-again Christian, I find the new Rev. to be too much 'over the top'. The character leaves me angry and I don't watch TV to be stressed - I can get that in my 'real' life, thanks. Love the cast (just not all of the characters, of course!)

I just watched this week's episode and my stomach was in knots again. This new character is the cause of my condition. I am thrilled that I see others who feel the same. Thorne is undoubtedly called that because he is painful to watch and call me what you like, I don't llike to see "my friends" being treated this way. Please Monquers, let's get this guy off the show or I won't be watching much longer.

Boy, that Rev. Thorne sure is a thorn in the flesh for a lot of people.

Hi, I'm loving the new eps, they have me in stitches, and I like the new rev but since mostly everyone else doesn', I hope he turns it down a bit ,cuz I want to see this show go on for a really long time!

My only problem with the Thorne storyline is that it's BORING. I know he was introduced to force some more conflict into the plot, but the whole thing feels contrived and is an epic writing fail.

And it's not like I don't like conflict. I do. I like evil, unlikeable characters. But this particular character is just not written well--and neither are the storylines we've seen so far this season.

Watching Thorne's petty spats with an increasingly spineless and pathetic Amaar is like watching paint dry. My husband and I are considering not watching the show anymore.

It feels like all the great character development that was accomplished in the last two seasons has gone down the drain. Our main characters have been so one-note lately.

I get it, Rayyan's bossy and a doctor. I get it, Amaar has no spine. I get it, Baber thinks many things are blasphemous. Can we... move on from that?

It feels like the writers are so afraid of having one of their characters grow or change that they threw in Thorne just to stall for time.

And no-one likes to watch a stall.

my concern with Thorne is not that he's mean or that his presence increases the tension in the show (although I do question the justification that he was needed to create more conflict). his views do represent mainstream perceptions in the christian community - it's just that he's so one-dimensional. barber holds as extreme perspectives, however he has depth and softness, too, which is more realistic and therefore more endearing.

To the producers, cast and crew
Little Mosque On The Prairie

Regarding the episode of LMOTP 'Handle with Care' which aired on November 10, 2009 involving missing bibles and a shattered Jesus. All I can say is " Brilliant ". In this episode the show has found a balance between addressing the issues of the subject and entertaining the viewer. So many real life issues are dealt with such as freedom of expression as it relates to faith, parenting, gender equality, race, prejudice, suspicion, truth and consequence. So many ideas subtly explored while maintaining a fun atmosphere which holds the attention of the whole family. I could see this stimulating the conversation over the dinner table no mater what the faith of the house. The Reverend Thoren character is a strong and positive addition to the cast. He provides a new avenue of satirical examination of Christianity. Brandon Firla does a great job of making the character accessible and believable. As for the Magee fans I would say the new character is necessary to keep the show relevant. And it's not like you killed him. Maybe he could make an appearance in a future episodes.


Edward Jackson
Guelph, Ontario