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The New Face of Anger… or Joy?

Well, the reviews are in for the first episode of the new season of Little Mosque on the Prairie. The critics seem to like it, and the fans are… mad!! (and you know I don’t use the double exclamation in bold lightly).

We received some good notices and articles in some major dailies:

The Globe and Mail

The Toronto Star

The Calgary Herald

But on-line, another story emerged…

Once the program aired on Monday night, our Facebook page was immediately flooded with comments. Many were demands to bring back Reverend Magee. Someone even suggested an official campaign be started to do just that. I am not sure if anyone has ever successfully done this for a Canadian show, but if you feel that strongly about it, it can’t hurt to try...

Some of the other comments:

“I'm not sure about the new reverend. Don't like him much at this point but I enjoyed the rest of the show”

“From the writers' perspective it makes sense to get rid of Magee to add conflict. I like him, though.”

“ugh. I hate the new reverend”

“I think Rev. Thorne is an interesting addition to Mercy. There will definitely be interesting times ahead for the people of Mercy!”

“I was in stitches within the first FIVE minutes of the episode!”

“I LOVE IT! Welcome back ♥”

Well, we knew that Reverend Thorne would ruffle a few feathers, but that’s a lot of feathers!

What do you think?


The new reverend idea was solid but the writing of the character is so heavy handed as not to be believed! Keep the new character but get some one to write the lines who is not bludgoening the character.

Bring back Rev. Magee!

To whom it may concern,

This is my first time blogging on this site and unfortunately I'm writing as a very upset viewer.

I love Little Mosque...however, since the arrival of Rev. Thorne I have been totally turned off. He's a jerk and it worries me that this is the perception that the Canadian public will have of Anglican ministers and other Christian spiritual leaders. Little Mosque already has the Christian and Muslim a**es (depicted by Tupper and Babar) and they provide very funny and harmless confusion and anecdotes about the religions - but I feel as though Thorne takes it too far (especially in this week’s comment about Abual having had his five minutes on the bouncy castle and Timmy getting as much time as he wants). Thorne's character is not showing acceptance or tolerance toward other religions, which is something that Christianity proudly proclaims. Writers, Directors and Producers please consider how long Rev. Thorne remains in Mercy, for I feel that he is inadvertently spreading hate to Canadian viewers.

I am undecided about Reverend Thorne at this point.

Creating conflict? Hmmm. Ok. But will that consist of a weekly threat to boot the Mosque and it's members out on the street? Won't that get a little old? Soon?

Aside from the questions about the new kid in town, I am really happy the show is back!

I missed it!

:) Christine

Bring back Rev. Magee! I thought the relationship between Rev. Magee and Amaar was great. It was funny! This new Reverend is ruining the entire show. I've watched two episodes and I will not be tuning in except to see if Rev. Magee is back otherwise I'm done watching this show.

I agree, the relationship between Magee and Amaar was one of the pillars of the show, and while Thorne was funny in the first episode, he was getting annoying by the first 5 minutes of the second one. When he was at the bank teller I was hoping he was going to drain the bank account, thus getting himself turfed out for stealing the church funds later on in the episode, or at least early on in the season. It really feels more like a first season thing to have him around. He would make for an excellent guest appearance for an episode or two, but as a regular he really detracts from the tone the show had before. I guess he's just a bit too over the top for me. Plus I feel bad for Amaar always getting pushed around by him. I still love the show though, and can't wait to see every new episode.

I've watched season 4 twice now and won't be watching any more. New Reverend adds nothing to the show. Loved the relationship with Rev. McGee and the Muslins. The new Rev. is obnoxious and not funny.

I would like to reply to a comment by courtney risinger about how the last episode is spreading hate, actually I think that is the truth that is how most Canadians treat muslim poeple prejudice still exists and as for new reverned thorne give him a break he is new he needs time to prove himself and as for the negativity of his character I am sure the director will sooner or later convert him to being positive just like Fred the radio talk show host. Don't panic for many years we have seen the negative face of Islam see how patient and cooperative Muslims are.

This is also my first time blogging. I was an avid viewer and supporter of Little Mosque but I was horrified to see what the writers have done this season with the reverend. This character is too vile for a comedy. I hope his tenure in Mercy is extremely short.

Watching any television show requires a suspension of reality, as you enter into what is being presented on the screen. And watching a show such as Litte Mosque is like visiting with friends and neighbours. And one of those friends is sadly missing - Rev. Magee. He was a great character, a gentle soul who added humour and wisdom to the show. I miss him. Please bring him bck. Little Mosque was my favourite show, but this turn of events has changed that. Yes, the new minister brings more conflict into the show, but conflict is not the only reason people watch a show. And amusing conflict was already provided with characters such as Baber and Fred Tupper.

Bring back Derek McGrath. This new character is a dug up reincarnation of 1970's British humour and NOT the good kind. He has nothing original to give and only copies the antics of Monty Python and the Fawlty Towers show and he is ruining the built-up following of the show. I have always watched it every week, but not any more.

I'm afraid I also do not like Thorne at all, although I understand the need to add conflict. One of the nice things about the series has been Amar's and Magee's convivial relationship as good models to the community at large. If Thorne had been a new sidekick, and potentially a subversive one, that would have been far more interesting.

I was a huge fan of Little Mosque from the first show. Unfortunately with the new arrival of Reverend whatever his name is, I am greatly disappointed. I can understand a character (Reverend McGee) moving on but did you have to bring someone who so negatively portrays the Church??? Shame on the writers. If you can't bring back Reverend McGee, please bring back a more likable character and get rid of this idiot.

One of the gags in the Oct. 5 broadcast concerned the death of Jesus. Rev. Thorne said that the Christians of Mercy were bored of discussing whether it was the Jews who killed Jesus or the Muslims. Imam Amaar noted that there were no Muslims around back then. On the face of it a good joke! The new Anglican leader is made to look like a buffoon--a central theme in the first two programs of this new season. But beyond this, viewers who know Islam and Christianity are left scratching their heads. In reality, a major question of authentic Muslim-Christian engagement is whether Jesus died or not. Most Muslims believe that Jesus did not die. Do jokes like this help Christians and Muslims get along better, or do they trivialize--and possibly ridicule--beliefs which are at the heart of Christian faith?

I agree with Courtney who put it very well. I liked that the show educated while poking gentle humour at both Christians and Muslim. This new character is plain mean and will promote hatred on both sides. Please stop this line of the show as I too was not impresses. My husband was turned off from the first episode of the season. Also, to end the show with the bouncy castle scene left a bitter taste in my mouth. Bring back McGee and let the dissention come from Fred and Babar.

I think the article got it right. Critics love it, but as a person who has watched every episode by far, LMoTP has gone from last season's soap style to a finicky style. I personally miss the soap style.

Maybe I'm wrong, maybe the writers have a twist in the plot. I'm going to watch the remaining episodes and find out.

Please, please bring back Rev McGee. The new Rev is adversarial and mean spirited. His character defeats the whole purpose of the show. He makes Christians look like pompous jerks. Why fix what isn't broken!!!

Where is Rev. Magee? Bring him back. Thorne is a real thorn in our sides;not the least bit funny!

I am adding my voice to those who do not like the addition of Rev. Thorne to the program. His rude and abrasive nature puts the Anglican ministry to shame. I am not naive enough to think that there are not people in Canada who fear and dislike those of other religions. However, replacing Rev. McGee with this character does nothing to promote understanding and is making Amaar look like a wimp. Surely the shows writers can find other ways to add some edginess to the show. Shame!

I love Little Mosque and have since the first season, but I really hate the new Rev. He's not funny, he just a jerk. I hope that someone in town sees him for what he is (I think it should be Joe, that'd be great) and they all drive him out of town with pitchforks (metaphorically speaking). Or Amar teaches him how to behave like a human being by being so patient with the Rev that he finally gets it. Or Yasser comes up with a brilliant scheme to get rid of him. Anything, just make it fast because he's getting on my nerves. BTW What's up with Sarah's hair?

I used to watch this show all the time but after watching the first two episodes I am switching to Big Bang. This season is terrible.

I love Little Mosque, in fact it is my favourite show on the CBC. I love the type of comedy...funny but not hurtful...that was the hallmark of the series, especially in the character of Rev. MaGee. He was a bridge of friendship on the show, and provided Amar with someone he could talk to when everyone was going crazy around him! The new Rev though is just cruel. Unlike Fred, his prejudice isn't softened by gentle hunour, but fueled by an educated and cynical nastiness that is uncompfortable to watch. Please reconsider this theme, as I believe I'm not alone in wanted to watch a great comedy that leaves people with a good feeling, not a whiff of real prejudice.

The magic is gone!

For Mercy's sake (& this wonderful program's) bring back Rev. Magee! Like everything else - it ain't broke, don't fix it.

I have been an avid fan of Little Mosque until now. I enjoyed it as a nice family show. I don't know why you have added this nasty new reverned, we have enough mean spirited content on TV and not enough of the pleasant escapism. I will watch a couple of more shows, however, if the nastiness continues, I will tune Little Mosque out as another angry show.

I like the show, and this season is no exception. For me, Reverend Thorne is unbelievable. He is too one-dimensional to actually exist. Nobody is that consistently mean. I believe that Thorne's history/personality will come out through the season and show him to be more realistic/human/lovable. I love all of the conflicts/plots that exist in this show, and am eager to see how they unfold through the season. Anything can happen, and I just hope it will leave me with a feeling of satisfaction when the season is over.

Having just seen Episodes 1 & 2, I am very happy with the writing around Rayyan's non-wedding and its aftermath, including the farce in Episode 2. However, I cannot fathom the intentions of the writers regarding the Rev. Thorne. He is such a one-dimensional character. He is basically the same as the Colin Mockery (sp?) character in a past season. Thorne's just not like any real Anglican clergy person I've ever met,not even a fundamentalist. Unless he exhibits more depth as a character, he'd better be out of there. He's messing up the dynamics of the show.

My family and I love Little Mosque..until now. My husband is Christian I'm Hindu and we have Muslim relatives. Rev. Thorne has managed to insult all members of all of these communities. I loved the first season building bridges of tolerance and understanding only to have Thorne come in and blow them up. I agree with the other bloggers he gives Christians and religous persons a bad name. It's like watching a train wreck. I hope he leaves soon or changes. I want CBC to know that as a national broadcaster it should think carefully about if they should be undoing all the good they did in the first season. If it continues we will stop watching Little Mosque. I will Miss Mercy.

Thorne makes me sick; he's almost a carbon copy of the priests I knew in parochial school. Many Christians are not like that, but I've met many ministers, priests, and reverends that are arrogant narrow-minded bigots. So while you're certainly injecting some reality, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I'll continue to watch, because I like the other characters, but when Thorne is on the screen I don't enjoy the show.

I hate the new clergyman. He is everything that made me leave organized religion and does nothing to enhance the show. Gentle exploration of differences is the way to build relationships. Not mean and subversive characters. I will give you a few more weeks to bring back Reverend McGee. If that doesn't happen I won't be watching any more.

I am disappointed in the new direction of the show. I find the Rev. Thorne character a turn off, or in this case a turn the channel situation. Bring back Rev. Magee.

i honestly can't stand the new reverend. he is so mean i find watching the episodes almost unbearable and it doesn't help that amaar is being such a pushover. so far i've continued to watch the show to see the other storylines but every new episode puts me that much closer to giving up on the show entirely.

Very disappointed in the new "miniserial" character - no redeeming features at all -not inclined to watch the show any more.

Great to see new conflict added, and have a new character added to Mercy...but Throne vs. Amar has quickly gotten old. And it's only been two episodes.

Need more interaction between the different characters, and Thorne needs to be down played.

Add me to the list of people who do not like the new character. A little tension to add humour is fine, but the new reverend is just mean and underhanded. For me, it has really taken away from the show and if it doesn't change soon, I will stop tuning in as well. Send the new guy to Toronto as he wishes and bring back Rev Magee (preferably) or someone else. The show has been great up until now, so please get back to the Mercy I first stopped into see.

With the introduction of Reverend Thorne a once charming show is now little more than annoying. Tonight we found the character so objectionable we changed the channel after 15 minutes.

I've been watching the show since it started, and have quite enjoyed it till this season. Rev. Thorne has done a very bad job of representing Christians. In fact, his theology is so bad, it makes me wonder if anyone on the show know anything about Christianity beyond stereotypes. Yes, I can imagine that there are ministers out there that would have major issues with sharing their church with a mosque, and seek to find ways to oust them. I can even imagine that they might from time to time, do things that were in grey moral areas. However, anyone called to be a minister in this country would have at least a basic understanding of what's in the Bible. This Thorne character doesn't seem to.

Bring back Rev Magee. The new Reverend is awful and not like any Anglican minister I know.
This character is enough to stop me from being a fan and a viewer!!!

Could anyone tell me why Rev. Magee was taken off the show? Did his contract end? Was he asked to leave? Did he leave the show for some other venture?

I just watched the episode where Thorne in the butt stole amar's sermons. I have to say I am about 1 more episode away from not watching this show anymore. Controversy is fine, but this guy is just a high school bully.

After waiting all summer for the return of Little Mosque, I am ready to leave after only three shows. Actually I was ready after two, but I thought that there must be some redeeming feature to Thorne (to call him Reverend is an insult not only to Anglicans, but to Christians). Apparently not. I'll be back when we've seen the last of this demeaning, mean spirited, shallow, one dimensional racist jerk.

If he does continue as an on-going member of the cast he should either receive his comeuppance weekly, a-la Basil Fawlty, or be given some reasonable facets to his personality that we can hang on to as we root for his redemption. Fred Tupper, for instance, served as a good foil for bringing out the difference in beliefs without ever becoming mean.

I would like to add my voice and my husband's to the chorus agains the Rev.Thorne as he is portrayed. I understand that the series has almost completed filming, so all of our comments are really in vain. My husband and I think there is nothing wrong with a little conflict to spice up the show, but the Rev. Thorne has hugely overplayed this one! He is obnoxious, evil, and spiritually arogant. We find his character jarring, and not in tune with the pleasant tone of a sleepy rural town on the prairie. In the first 3 seasons, Mercy Saskatchewan was much like Andy Griffith's Mayberry. With the coming of Rev. Thorne a "towering" character with the weight and authority of the Anglican church behind him (however misused) Mercy might become another Selma Alabama. I have witnessed the racism and bigotry seething underneath the thin veneer of politeness in many small towns in Canada. Rev. Thorne is an outspoken character who gives voice to this mean spirited bigotry. The question is, do the producer have a vision for this show, or are they just interested in ratings?
The original goal of the show I thought was to demonstrate how groups with differing cultures can live together in harmony in the same community.

Now it seems that it is about stirring the pot of hatred, mistrust and misunderstanding tthat already exists, provoking both radical Christians and radical Muslims towards even greater enmity. We will not be watching the show any more.

Well, we had enjoyed the past 3 seasons. Toady, Oct. 12, 2009 we finally had a chance to watch the new season. Your writers are running out of ideas. Instead of replacing the much loved character, Rev. Magee, you should have replaced some of the writers. The new Rev. is trying too hard to be funny and is not. I see and hear a rude and arrogant character. If you can, bring back Rev. Magee you should do it. If your writers cannot become creative in their writing you will end this once ground breaking comedy. Stay with the original theme and view. We keep saying to each other that this is bad, bad, bad.Fix it or you'll lose it.

I have now watched two episodes with the new reverend. He is spoiling the show. Until he is replaced, I will be watching something else. I was a regular until now, count me out until he leaves the show.

My GF and I recently discovered Little Mosque by borrowing the first season from our local library. We immediately fell in love with the show so we thought we would start watching it as it aired on the CBC. However, we were quite dissapointed at this season's twist. one of the best things about this show was, precisely, that it had a very good range of points of views. The show already has a few fundamentalists in each of the factions (Fred, Baber and Joes, while Fatima straddles the fence). However, Rev. Thorne's presence makes the show feel heavy with fundamentalism. While Baber and Fred are annoying, they are lovable...Revered Thorne is a hateful, spiteful, utterly useless character. He's so bothersome and hateable that the actor's comedic presence is completely lost. The actor does a good job, but one can't really enjoy it because the character is so bad, so horrible that it just makes one want to turn off the show. Today's episode, for instance, was quite bad. We couldn't really follow Rayyan's plight with Yasir because we all wanted to strangle Rev. Thorne for how mean spirited, how odious he is. Honestly, if you don't get rid of this character, you're probably going to lose many viewers (include my girlfriend, who's almost on the verge of not watching it again, and myself)and you're going to ruin what you set out to do in the first place.

Yuck! As a faithful watcher and purchaser of Little Mosque, I have nothing good to say about the changes this year. I join the comments above in saying the new minister is plain mean, isn't funny, promotes hatred and takes the show away from its clever and educational basis. Please write something more creative and entertaining each week than the painfully simplistic nastiness of Thorne. Thank you!

I, for one, think the new reverend may add a bit of dissonance that was lacking in previous episodes. He could use a bit more humour though; to be honest, he is not that amusing.

I think that the upsetting part about the cast changes is not so much that there is a mean character. You have mean characters on shows all the time.

It is that the balance has been disrupted. Rev McGee balanced out the prejudice of the other townsfolk. Now that he is gone it may seem to some people (albeit falsely) that the show is saying that only muslims are tolerant and that people of other faiths are all stupid jerks.

It is okay if you want to bring in a main character that is a stupid jerk but you have to have another main character who isn't.

After the blandness and soap-opera sentimentality of last season, I was initially happy to see the show insert a little more edge and conflict into the series--even at the cost of one of my favourite characters.

However after only two episodes I'm already seeing a danger of Rev. Thorne taking over the show completely, at the expense of the established characters. The point (and charm) of the show has always been about how Muslims react to the town--now it seems to be all about how Thorne reacts to the muslims.

I'm still willing to give it a chance, but I'm hoping the producers don't take this whole thing too far.

I am not so sure about the new Reverend. He is not funny and terribly offensive. I loved the old the Rev McGee. I loved the friendship he had developed with the Imam Ammaar and other characters. Please bring him back.

I have enjoyed learning about Islam on the sitcom "Little Mosque on the Prairie". I have enjoyed the characters, and have had many a good laugh. I think a show like this is helpful to mitigate against prejudice after 9-11. But this season, with Rev. Thorne, it isn't funny anymore, and now the show has merely shifted prejudice from one group of people to another. I would prefer the show to try to wipe out prejudice against any group of people, by showing that people of different faiths can love and respect each other.

I've been watching LMOTP since the very first episode and I've loved it. But now I and others in my household are offended by the new jerk in town. I'm not Muslim and I find him extremely offensive. If you're going to continue with him, at least have the courtesy of explaining why you got rid of Rev Magee and why you think this new guy is funny.

Rev. Thorne is a poor character to add to the cast -- you already have Fred Tupper to make generalizations and stereotypes about Muslims, the show definitely did not need a second character doing the same thing!

I am very sorry I purchased an iTunes Season Pass as Little Mosque is clearly no longer the great show it once was!

I don't like the new reverend. He's not funny and I watch the show for the comedy. I actually have been fast forwarding the part with the reverend which makes the show alot shorter. What happened to reverend Magee anyway?

i have been a fan of Little Mosque since episode 1. I used to look forward to each new episode, but now my hatred for reverend thome, and Amar's inability to deal with him, are making me seriously consider to just stop watching this show. whats up with all deep hatred coming from the new rev? i am sick of it!

I love this show, but the new reverend character is offensive and I don't like the way the show is going! If things do not change with that charater, I will no longer be watching! Sorry!!!

I was such a fan... until now. I understand that a change might have been required to get some viewers back to the show and to get better scores ... But, this is too much. A good sitcom always use a little bit of something new in a successful recipe. Season 4 is hitting too hard on the "new" and has corrupted the "old" things viewers were used to and loved. I'm so disapointed.

I really admired LMOTP for the quality of the writing before this season. The show dealt with difficult topics without every getting heavy. The writing was stellar. The comedy was awesome.
The Rev Thorne character is ruining the show; not because he is obnoxious, Fred Tupper has always been obnoxious, but because the Thorne character comes across as two dimensional. I wish someone had realised this during production. I can't recommend this show to anyone at this point.

I feel robbed, watching the new shows of Little Mosque on the Prairie. Where it was witty and amusing, it has become nerve grating. It has been said many times over, however, I feel my opinion must also be expressed. The new character, Rev. Thorne, is very disappointing. He comes off as neither witty comic relief, nor as an endearing eccentric. I was surprised to actually find myself getting angry at the show. The main point I would like to convey is that the series has become trite. I hope to see the writers fix these obvious problems in the future.

I don't like the new Reverend at all!! He is conniving and his methods are too...fake (it's like the Writers are trying too hard to create conflict; I'm not convinced). Can we please bring Rev McGee back??

I really dislike the 'character' or lackthereof, of the new Reverend. This is no reflection on the actor, in fact, it's probably a compliment to him that I find his character so unlikeable.
Rev. Thorne doesn't appear to have any redeemable qualities to counteract his nastiness. I'll give this show one more week, then I'm switching channels. Sorry LMOTP.

I just want to remark that my wife and I are not enjoying "Little Mosque" nearly as much as we did last season.

The reason is this new character, the Anglican priest, whom you decided to introduce. We find him, unlike Rev. McGee, obnoxious and not very funny. He seems to dominate most scenes, so that we see little of most of the other characters, with the exception of Amaar, who is made to look naive and stupid.

Have you ever heard the saying "If it ain't broke, don't fix it"? Well, "Little Mosque" was just fine, why did you decide to alter it?

My feeling on the new reverend is that he is entirely one dimentional and serves the same role as Fred Tupper in his Islamophobia. It's more than unfortunate that the current writers have chosen to perpetuate this behaviour over and over instead of sticking with Reverend McGee who modelled friendship, humour and a humble wisdom about community.

Please move on from the themes of polarization and let your audience see some growth in this new Reverend character...or bring back McGee... he is a breath of fresh air and fresh perspective.

Hi, I guess I'm probably the only person that likes the new rev and his humour...I liked rev. Mcgee too and have to admit that it was a little weird to get used to a change but once I did, it was all good and I'm able to enjoy the new character for who he is.

I am just so happy to see the new season and so far every new ep has had me in stitches!

But, I hope the writers and who ever do what's best for the show to keep it going for a very long time!


From reading the comments of different viewers I think they are taking this show a bit too seriously the whole point of the show is to make us laugh so chill out and just enjoy. When it comes to humor anything goes.
I think if you can have a cop stop by in town and be suspicious about the Muslims and then Reverend can stand up for them and helps them deal with the cop maybe people will start liking him. His character will demonstrate a positive shade.

Where is Baber's daughter what ever happened to her I did not see her in the season 4 is she out? Because she was a good role model for teen girls. Please bring her back. I have a show suggestion why don't you introduce a male doctor to the show who works with Riyan. That way we can see where she works because we hardly see her practice her medical expertise.

Most people liked season 3 because Riyan and Omar had some romance going on which seems to disappear in this season. I think Omar should have a blast from the past added in the show a girl who makes Riyan bit jealous. Season 4 is missing something. Not sure, maybe some sugar.

HAS EPISODE GONE MIA?????? Ok this is a bit off topic. There seems to be a missing episode shown last January and is not showing up on the DVD or website. Where did it go? I think it was called "Carpentry For Dummies". The only reason I remember is because of my last name happens to be Carpenter. They Mayor built her deck three times and Amaar had one of those popular “For Dummies” books. Does anyone remember this episode?

I follow LMOTP via since the on-air broadcast conflicts with my bedtime (No I'm not a six year old: I get up at 2AM for work and sleep from 7PM). As such, I have had the luxury of watching many episodes in rapid sequence and can see the "evolution" of 'Thorne'. Perhaps those who abandoned the show after 2 or 3 episodes should take another look, as he is now becoming the foil of others actions.

As a former Anglican layperson(and now congregational pastor) I agree with others comments that Thorne is a poorly written (but brilliantly acted) portrayal of bigotry and a really bad impression of Christians. At least Babar is an amusing and good-natured picture of a Muslin bigot; Thorne is just a mean spirited insult!

Please continue with the two episodes of the show on Monday nights. Who ever thought of that May God bless him/her.