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The Lowdown on Background

Hi Minnie and Mosque-witzes,

(Okay, even I admit the bad play-on-words are getting to be a little too obscure--"Fans of 70s independent American cinema will find this hilarious," said the sad little blogger to himself, delusionally.)

Anyways, to the topic at hand! Like most shows, we use a lot of extras, or "background performers" as they are more politely and rightly called. They are the folks wandering down the streets of Mercy. They are the ones at the mosque who aren't cracking jokes. They are the ones in Fatima's diner who are always talking but mysteriously can't be heard. The background performers might not always seem to be doing a whole lot--but what they are doing is harder than it looks, and it can mean the difference between a vibrant scene and a dead one.

We don't necessarily get to know all of them as well as we might like to, but once in a while we are reminded that, yes, they ARE people too! Case in point, I recently saw Arlene Duncan relaxing between scenes, and someone was furiously working away on paper.


This is the other JJ on Mosque-- Jenny Jamie Ferenczi, a graphic and web designer. When not pretend-drinking from an empty coffee at Fatima's during a scene, she was hanging around the loading bay drawing portraits. She sent me a couple of her drawing from that day, and I thought I'd share them here.



Great work Jenny, and all the rest of our unknown soldiers in the war for light entertainment! You know who you are!


Omg, those are good but i can draw them tooo. I wanna be a background perfomer too i live like less than an hour away from where they film it. AWW


I am trying to reach Arlene Duncan, because I have a question regarding her father's collection of papers. I am researching for a book I am writing.

Please pass this along to her. It would be much appreciated.

Stephen Robb was on a show and I would like to view it as I know him from his childhood days....which one was that?

I am very, very, very dissappointed abou the opus of the fourth season. Moreover, I am saddened that no matter what I do, I cannot traverse the waters preventing me from accessing episodes. This is not good marketing. This for even those supporters of LMOP is daunting. Do you really want us all to go away???????

[moderator: can you explain what problems you are having?]

Just wanted to let you know I appreciate the show and the fact I can view them online. This is a very funny show!

Nov. 09, Monday's episode was not in good taste, and I was disappointed.

The last two episodes of LMOtP have been a bit better than the rest of the season so far. The writing seems a bit snappier. Keep it up.

And is it too much to ask for to have a little Amaar/Rayyan UST put back in the show? Everyone loves some good UST.

The last episode was good but breaking the Jesus Statue was bit too much perhaps disrespectful, I am sure many people got offended by that and they should because that is going too far. I am muslim, I don't believe in praying in front of statues but it seemed wrong because it was suppose to be image of Jesus who also our beloved prophet.

I missed this weeks episode. And i cant seem to find it anywhere. was there an episode this week?

[Littlemosque: Hi Jasmin! This week's episode was pre-empted. We're back on schedule for next week]