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Commentary Track

Hi everyone! I just got back from my first ever DVD commentary track recording session... Boring. End of post.

Just kidding, it was actually a blast. Of course, having professional comedians behind the microphone doesn't hurt. We recorded tracks for one episode from season 2, and two episodes from season 3. This time around, we had some of our writers and directors share some of their thoughts, insights, and self-deprecating humour. Though I'll be the first to admit that their dietary tips and teary-eyed confessions were a bit of a surprise! I think that die-hard fans and casual viewers alike will find something of interest. Come one, come all to the big tent that is Little Mosque on the Prairie.

Dan Redican (writer) and Michael Kennedy (director) sharing their insights for the world to hear (providing they purchase Season II on DVD)

What do you guys think? Do you even care about commentary tracks? Who would you like to hear from on Season 4? Maybe I'm on a commentary track high, but I think we should record commentaries for EVERY SINGLE EPISODE!! By the end of the season, the fans of the show would finally be able to hear from the caterer ("The scalloped potatoes were too salty during this scene"), the key grip ("the light stand had a wobbly third leg during this scene"), the extras ("I was largely drunk throughout this scene." "I'm drunk now.")... Okay, maybe we'll be more selective about who we get in the booth. What do you think? Who would you like to hear talk about the show? And what other kinds of bonus materials would you like to see?

If I were to do a commentary track for this posting, I might say something like "My, my, there were a lot of question marks in that last paragraph." Which is precisely why we can all be thankful that I don't.


I think that having a commentary for every episode is a good idea; that way, people can pick their favorites.

I have to confess that I didn't like the commentary on the Season 1 DVD too much... Maybe it's because it was your first time, but it didn't quite "click" with me. Maybe you could include more of things like: "Originally we planned it this way, but then...", "The first time we shot this Blabla did whatever" or "I found this scene hard/easy to do because..." and so on.

As for other bonus features, adding bloopers would make my day!

Continue with the great job; I can't wait for Season 4!

hi there!

i dunno, anything would be interesting, I guess :D
but what I'd really like to know is, if someone from the staff ever considered converting to islam - as they got to know the religion better and better through the episodes (at least I guess that they learn many things about islam through little mosque.. ?)

btw, when will next season be aired?

best regards,
a gr8 lmotp fan

Hey! We are hooked on your show! However, we are dying to watch season 4! Are you going to air these episodes in the south?

Also for commentary suggestions, it is best to talk about funny stories and bloopers in the scene. Anything to continue the humor or interesting facts you learned along the way when making the episodes.

Yo, people...where is the effort to stay connected to your fans? Where are you?! Not Here. Some of us are waiting for more ...more anything.

This comment has nothing to do with this entry, rather it is about the season premiere of season 4. I was very disappointed with the direction that this show has taken. Why make an even bigger rift between these two faiths? I certainly don't want to tune in to watch that. I hope that this is not what is in store for the rest of the season, just watching the pot shots between these two faiths. And could you have made the reverend any more shallow?!

The conflict seems very contrived and I'm just not interested in watching that drivel. I did enjoy the first three seasons so thank you for that at least.

I absolutely LOVE the new season and Reverend Thorne -
Brandon Firlaason. I lost interest last year but am now looking forward to the next show! Great move.

Hi, could you please tell me who sings the end credits song, shown at the end of each episode. Thank You.


This appears to be the only place to post, so I'll add my comments on Season 4. I was dismayed to see the Rev. Thorne, who emobodies the worst qualities of a clergyman of any faith. That makes him a caracature and, for me, caracatures are not funny. So, the first episode of Season 4 was not funny, except for a couple of sight gags that were merely amusing. I assume there is a reason for the new Anglican priest, although I think adding him is a mistake, but I hope he's toned down pretty quick. To be truthful, I'll most likely watch every episode because it's one of my very favorite shows and I'm lucky enough to live in Washington State where I can get it on my cable provider. So perhaps over the season the Rev. Thorne will tone down and we will have a real meeting of all the minds in Mercy.

After watching episode 1 season 1. I became a fan phoning family and telling them about your show.I am afraid you have lost me now with your new intolerant portrayal of the small town Christian minister. Something that comes out of CBC headquarters no doubt.

Are you serious?
Are you guys trying to kill the show?
A bad John Cleese impersonator and nothing but mean spiritedness. We are an Islamic/Anglican family and we can't figure out who is being offended more by this new low brow, badly written, boring, stereotypical (Don Cherry would be proud) version of Mercy. This garbage will be cancelled by Christmas, maybe even Eid-ul-Adha.

just wanted to let you know that I have enjoyed your show immensley....please, please bring back the Reverend McGee....his character exuded warmth, kindness, wisdom and is what small town life is all about. The new character of Reverend Thorne...egotistical, a liar, manipulator is strong but his character is out of place in small town Saskatchewan or small town anywhere.....I have a hard time watching the show and will probably not continue to watch.

At our house, two more viewers dislike the new minister. I think it takes away from the rest of the show. Too bad as regular viewers like us are starting to drop off.

I did not see the ability to post a comment on the NEW FACE story so I am adding it here.

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We as a family have really loved the show and haven't missed any since the debut of the show. We usually plan our Monday nights around the show. We buy the DVD at Christmas. We have been frustrated since this season started about the focus of the show being about Reverend Thorne. I'm not sure if you are trying to appeal to a new more mainstream crowd, but you are loosing your regular crowd. We don't watch the show for the Anglican focus, we watch it because it's a little different and actually focuses on a very loveable Moslem community. Frankly, the Moslem "hate-on" demonstrated by Reverend Thorne is wearing thin. This was the first time in four seasons my partner chose to surf the net rather than watch the show. I miss the creativity of the very first season. Did you get another set of new writers? A new direction from CBC brass? Are you trying to appeal to Stephen Harper?!? I'm scratching my head. We miss the charm of the Little Mosque on the Prairie.

Watched an episode of "Little Mosque..." on T.V. and was quite disgusted with the behaviour of the priest. I felt sick after watching this nasty personification of a man of the cloth as an ignorant-of-the-truth pretneder.Where was the local bBshop, or another Christian, to call this unholy priest to accountability? Does the Christian faith have to be such a loser faith, where a devious priest is only corrected by the holy ones of another religion?And what's with this priest having no idea about the concept of recompensation for wrongs committed?(Of course Christianity asks one to recompense the wronged: Remember the tax collector Zaccheus' story in the Bible, in the book of Luke, chapter 19? After Jesus forgave his sins, for which he was sorry, Z. gave back 4x what he'd stolen.)You seem to be missing an important, balancing character in your show: a pure-hearted leader of the Christian faith.Otherwise, I enjoy your show alot.The Muslims characters are delightful! They are genuine, trusting, honest.Who wouldn't want these people as their friends? Likewise, who would want the Christian faith group as their friends? Their leader is a fake. The followers are blind idiots.Please remember that we God-fearing Protestants(me) and Catholics(my husband) hope for the Chrisitan faith to be acknowledged as less than self-serving imbuscils.All the best & Happy New Year! Beverley

How are you? I find this show so funny! Please keep up the good work.

I have a friend who desperately wants to be an extra on the series... any suggestions on what she has to do to make that happen???

She would be hilarious in recording commentary on the DVDs... she is muslim herself and would be great at adding insight and explanations...