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Sneak peek behind the scenes

Hey look! An exclusive behind the scenes photo from Season 4 of Little Mosque on the Prairie. This is the 'crew blocking' you are witnessing. Sitara Hewitt and Zaib Shaikh are working with out the scene with director Brian Roberts--he's the one standing on the right with a bowling shirt he must have picked up during his many years in Los Angeles, and directing with his usual intensity! Basically, they are working out where and how the characters will move during the scene. The producers are there to make sure that everything is working according to their vision. The crew are there to see how to light, shoot, record, and prop the scene once Zaib and Sitara decide how to play it. Other people on the set include the guy with a rainbow of tape rolls and the one union-mandated gang member from the Crips (or is it the Bloods), there to look menacing! See if you can spot him!


PS: Notice the lint roller on Amaar's desk. When he isn't brushing up on his Koranic verse, apparently he's brushing off his immaculate sweaters!


I can't wait for season 4. Keep up the great work!