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LMOTP season 2 & season 3 DVDs

I know a bunch of you have been asking for some time both "if" and "when" Season II of Little Mosque would be available on DVD. I can finally say definitely that the answers to those questions are "yes" and "soon." Probably before the new season hits the airwaves in October, you will be able to have all that Little Mosque hilarity in shiny, circular form. And in case you forget, the CBC will likely air hundreds of commercials to remind you of the fact.

Additionally, if intuition and insider knowledge serves me correctly, the Season III DVDs will not be too far behind. Those of you who celebrate Christmas are hereby advised that a Season III DVD makes a lovely stocking stuffer. Those of you who do not celebrate Christmas are hereby advised to find a friend who does and buy them a stocking stuffer -- stocking optional!



I love your serie that i've just discovered. I really really would love to see broadcast in Europe and elsewhere.
Congratulations, so glad to see a fresh and interesting serie like yours.

It would be nice if your southern neighbors could watch LMOTP on the Internet. Fox TV is not doing anything about it's remake in the USA. Anyhow, I would rather watch the original from Canada.

The northern-most of Canada's southern neighbors get to watch it :)

I'm in a border state and I get CBC on channel 99. It's nice because in addition to LMOTP I also get an extra Simpsons rerun.

When I heard that Fox was going to do a remake I was afraid they were going to ruin it. So if that has fallen through then I'm glad.