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Greener pastures

Some of you may have read a while back that, as part of the One Million Acts of Green our own Carlo Rota pledged to stop drinking water from plastic bottles.

Photo 51.jpg

Thanks Carlo! And I am proud to announce that so too has the rest of the crew. After the crew last year started the "Wall of Shame" -- every half-finished bottle of water was kept and lined up in the studio to remind everyone of just how wasteful we were being -- the crew felt the shame, and so did the producers. So this season there are no plastic bottles of water to be found. Everyone has been supplied with their very own, handy-dandy Little Mosque water canister -- refillable, reuseable, and oh so stylish. Also, we are now using recyclable coffee cups instead of Styrofoam. We aren't saving the environment single-handedly, but I'm happy to announce that we are at last taking baby steps to help her along.


cool! way to go team! Now how do I get one of those cool LMOTP bottles?!!!

Very motivating - if only I could buy my own LMOTP container...

Love "Little Mosque" - Are the water bottles available to the general public?

hello everyone! Keep up the good work, I am in love with the characters in this show, they all seem so genuine.