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A rolling stone gathers no mosque

Hey Mosquers! (Mosque-ovites? Mosque-teers?)

In case you haven’t heard already, we are officially moving forward with a new season of Little Mosque on the Prairie. And the reason I can be so sure that it isn’t just a rumour is because I saw the entire cast and crew downstairs in the studio ready to roll the camera on the first shot of Season IV. It’s REALLY happening! In truth, we’ve been hard at work on the new season since late January. That’s when the writers convened to start creating the hilarious and heart-warming stories that you will all be illegally downloading and streaming come October, 2009!

I don’t want to give away too much about the new season, but I’ll give you a taste. The first scene we are shooting features… Yasir and Sarah… in their kitchen… and it’s afternoon. I know, I can hardly believe it either!

Okay, enough fooling around. There are a few big changes this season—some new faces, some new challenges, some major conflicts. But rest assured, all the old faces will be back, and the zany adventures of everyone’s favourite fictional Muslims will continue making us laugh. Keep checking in for random updates and observations, and even the occasional exclusive behind-the-scenes picture of your favourite character asleep between set-ups!

Take care, and keep watching this space!


I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO excited. I cant wait until October aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I love the show. As a Muslim, it really gives me hope that we will overcome the current situation that Muslims everywhere are facing.

Can hardly wait. Was delighted when LMOTP was not cancelled, saddened there will be less episodes but it is a fantastic Canadian program - looking forward to Season IV.

I'm glad Season 4 is coming and wish The Powers That Be could figure out a way for people to LEGALLY download and stream these shows. I don't mind commercials (like on Hulu) but paying $1.99 for a 21 minute show on itunes is untenable, since I'll only watch it once.

I'm so glad! I'm Mormon and I totally love this show!

I was hoping for reruns this summer! My favorite show on TV - even better than law & Order!!!!!!!!

"that you will all be illegally downloading and streaming come October, 2009!"

I'd love to find a legal way to watch this show. Given that I can't receive it over the air and that CBC won't let me view episodes from the web, I will watch it where I find it -- but because I feel guilty that the streams on the Internet might be "pirated", I also purchased the Season 1 DVDs and will purchase the other seasons when they become available.

If it weren't for the "illegal" streams available on the Internet, this US citizen would never have become aware of the show and would not have purchased the DVDs. Yes, I'm only one viewer/customer, but I'll bet there might be others.

To make it "legal" and salve my conscience, you could syndicate it on some satellite channel that is picked up in the USA. After all, if I lived far enough north, I'd bet I could pick it up off the air -- unless someone has figured out a way to block the signal at the border.

Please find a way to air this great show in the states. Time Warner Cable in North Carolina -- are you listening?

what happened to Baber's Rants ? Is he not doing them any more??

Great show...thanks...but please tell me that you have not written out Derek McGrath!! If so, bring him back!
Also, tell Dan R. to bring back Puppets Who Kill, the other best show on TV.

Why does a mosque have a domed roof - God will roll off if He triesto enter by the roof

I am an Californian visiting Toronto, and happened to see This show and was completely thrilled to see it. Hope One of the BIg 5 will pick this show up. Good, Clean family viewing with a great message.