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May 25, 2009

Sneak peek behind the scenes

Hey look! An exclusive behind the scenes photo from Season 4 of Little Mosque on the Prairie. This is the 'crew blocking' you are witnessing. Sitara Hewitt and Zaib Shaikh are working with out the scene with director Brian Roberts--he's the one standing on the right with a bowling shirt he must have picked up during his many years in Los Angeles, and directing with his usual intensity! Basically, they are working out where and how the characters will move during the scene. The producers are there to make sure that everything is working according to their vision. The crew are there to see how to light, shoot, record, and prop the scene once Zaib and Sitara decide how to play it. Other people on the set include the guy with a rainbow of tape rolls and the one union-mandated gang member from the Crips (or is it the Bloods), there to look menacing! See if you can spot him!


PS: Notice the lint roller on Amaar's desk. When he isn't brushing up on his Koranic verse, apparently he's brushing off his immaculate sweaters!

May 22, 2009

Greener pastures

Some of you may have read a while back that, as part of the One Million Acts of Green our own Carlo Rota pledged to stop drinking water from plastic bottles.

Photo 51.jpg

Thanks Carlo! And I am proud to announce that so too has the rest of the crew. After the crew last year started the "Wall of Shame" -- every half-finished bottle of water was kept and lined up in the studio to remind everyone of just how wasteful we were being -- the crew felt the shame, and so did the producers. So this season there are no plastic bottles of water to be found. Everyone has been supplied with their very own, handy-dandy Little Mosque water canister -- refillable, reuseable, and oh so stylish. Also, we are now using recyclable coffee cups instead of Styrofoam. We aren't saving the environment single-handedly, but I'm happy to announce that we are at last taking baby steps to help her along.

May 21, 2009

Doors Open Toronto at CBC

cbc.jpgIf you're in Toronto this weekend, stop by the CBC for your chance to meet the cast Little Mosque on the Prairie. Little Mosque cast members Carlo Rota (Yasir), Sitara Hewitt (Rayyan), Manoj Sood (Baber), Deb McGrath (Mayor), Arlene Duncan (Fatima) and Neil Crone (Fred) will be in attendance from 11am - 2pm.

Also meet cast members of The Border, Dragons' Den, This Hour Has 22 Minutes, Being Erica as well as many of the hosts from our CBC News, Current Affairs and Sports program.

You can also tour the studios of CBC-TV's The Hour, CBC Sports Weekend, CBC Radio One's Q, CBC Radio 2 Drive, the Glenn Gould Studio (until 1:30), the radio drama studio and walk through a mobile truck.

Doors Open Toronto at CBC will take place Saturday, May 23 from 10am - 4pm.

May 19, 2009

LMOTP season 2 & season 3 DVDs

I know a bunch of you have been asking for some time both "if" and "when" Season II of Little Mosque would be available on DVD. I can finally say definitely that the answers to those questions are "yes" and "soon." Probably before the new season hits the airwaves in October, you will be able to have all that Little Mosque hilarity in shiny, circular form. And in case you forget, the CBC will likely air hundreds of commercials to remind you of the fact.

Additionally, if intuition and insider knowledge serves me correctly, the Season III DVDs will not be too far behind. Those of you who celebrate Christmas are hereby advised that a Season III DVD makes a lovely stocking stuffer. Those of you who do not celebrate Christmas are hereby advised to find a friend who does and buy them a stocking stuffer -- stocking optional!

May 14, 2009

A rolling stone gathers no mosque

Hey Mosquers! (Mosque-ovites? Mosque-teers?)

In case you haven’t heard already, we are officially moving forward with a new season of Little Mosque on the Prairie. And the reason I can be so sure that it isn’t just a rumour is because I saw the entire cast and crew downstairs in the studio ready to roll the camera on the first shot of Season IV. It’s REALLY happening! In truth, we’ve been hard at work on the new season since late January. That’s when the writers convened to start creating the hilarious and heart-warming stories that you will all be illegally downloading and streaming come October, 2009!

I don’t want to give away too much about the new season, but I’ll give you a taste. The first scene we are shooting features… Yasir and Sarah… in their kitchen… and it’s afternoon. I know, I can hardly believe it either!

Okay, enough fooling around. There are a few big changes this season—some new faces, some new challenges, some major conflicts. But rest assured, all the old faces will be back, and the zany adventures of everyone’s favourite fictional Muslims will continue making us laugh. Keep checking in for random updates and observations, and even the occasional exclusive behind-the-scenes picture of your favourite character asleep between set-ups!

Take care, and keep watching this space!