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Watch Full Episodes!

Hey LMOTP fans! Just a quick update to let you know that full episodes of Season 3 are now available online on our website at: Bookmark that link and thanks for watching!


i think it is unfair that people who are in the United States can't watch the latest episodes of the little mosque on the Prairie, i just got hooked on it and i live in the united states. if i can't watch it is there another website that i can watch it from with the most recent episodes.

u portray a wrong example of Islam here

Hi All

Just have a question with regards to episode 317 - My Shariah. What was the gift!? Was it the Dutch Waffle Maker?

Please talk to our FCC or someone...I can't wait for the new seasons to be for sale in the US

I don't thing they should have ditched the McGee character.
I liked how he (and Amaar) illustrated that religions can get along!