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Radio: The lazy person's dream job

You know, as an aspiring television producer, maybe this isn't a wise career move to say out loud, but radio sure is a more civilized way to work!

Don't get me wrong I love TV, and everything that goes into making it. It's just that there is an awful lot that goes into making it. When we went in to record the podcast for "The Fred Tupper Show," I understood how a person could conceivably make a living making drama and still have all of their hair. The two are not mutually exclusive! And I am not even talking necessarily about gray hair! Michael, our recording engineer for example--he had long, luxurious, curly locks.

Of course, working with people like actor and all-around nice guy Neil Crone (Fred Tupper) and Michael Kennedy (some guy who has somehow directed more episodes of Little Mosque on the Prairie than we've even made) make anything seem easy. But beyond that, the purity of the endeavor is remarkable. I suppose writing a novel is possibly a simpler and more pure storytelling
pursuit, but that takes years, and I'm lazy. Very, very lazy. (Again, it's possible that trumpeting this fact isn't a wise career move.)

Instead of coordinating, transporting, and feeding an army of technicians and artists for months on end, all of which normally go into making a TV show, for radio it seems like just a handful of folks in a room, usually laughing! Maybe that's not normally the case, but it certainly was for us.

Oh, and the hair thing is nice too.