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Little Mosque on the Prairie Season 3 Begins!

An all-new season of Little Mosque on the Prairie airs on CBC Wednesdays at 8pm EST, beginning October 1. The new season picks up where last season's cliffhanger left off, as Amaar (and audiences) finally get to find out whether or not Rayyan accepted JJ's marriage proposal. Additionally, all the series regulars are back for another year of hilarious and occasionally outrageous stories in the ultimate ''fish out of water" comedy.


WestWind Pictures, producers of Little Mosque on the Prairie, announces the official launch of the show's new interactive website, coinciding with the Season 3 premier on CBC Television on October 1 at 8pm EST. The site is produced by WestWind Pictures with the participation of the Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund, in association with Jam3media and CBC Television.

Experience the fun and hilarity at: The new site features exciting interactive content inspired by "fan favorite" episodes, including:

"The Fred Tupper Show"
Mercy's opinionated radio talk show host can be heard in twenty podcasts produced exclusively for the website. The podcasts are available as free downloads. They feature Fred ranting on his favourite topics, or conducting hilarious interviews with some of Mercy's most colourful characters.

"I On Mercy"
The new website also features twenty webisodes inspired by the episode "Public Access" where a motley crew from the mosque became the unlikely hosts of an Islamic-themed program on Mercy's public access station. The webisodes feature Baber and Rayyan as co-hosts of their own morning show. The pilot webisode is now online! New episodes will be added each week, coinciding with the show's broadcast schedule on CBC. (Webisodes are only available in Canada at this time.)

"Fatima's Recipes"
You all know that Fatima serves up delectable dishes, along with a hefty dose of wit. What you may not know is that her dream has always been to create her own cookbook. This section of the website showcases Fatima's innovative take on African cuisine. Six delicious and original recipes are now online. You can download each recipe to create the dishes in your own home. Ten additional recipes will be added over the course of the season.

"The Mercy Curling Challenge"
Inspired by the episode "Jihad On Ice," you now have the opportunity to try your luck at the Mercy Rink. Filled with gorgeous 3-D effects, the interactive game has several levels of difficulty and features "Little Mosque" characters tossing rocks and trash-talking after each victory!


Mary Darling, Executive Producer of Little Mosque on the Prairie, says of the new site: "Our community of fans have been so loyal to us over the past two seasons, and have played a paramount role in our success. This is our way of saying thank you to our fans!"

We hope you enjoy it!


We live in North Dakota and enjoy watching "Little Mosque" on CBC out of Winnipeg. Thanks!

Season 3 is HORRIBLE. It's ridiculous and childish and drawn out. It makes for awfully dull watching. Too bad as the show had potential. The acting too is getting worse as the dialogue is so lame that the actors have nothing to work with. There is no comedy in this sleeper.

I am from Mississauga and I LOVE LITTLE MOSQUE ON THE PRAIRIE. Although, only 3 episodes have gone by, I can say that I love the 3rd season. I have to wait from Wednesday to Wednesday for the show. And I am always so happy on Wednesdays because I know that Little Mosque is going to come. I love Amaar, Rayyan, Baber, Rev. Magee and all the others too! I wish the show was everyday. In which episode will Rayyan and Amaar realize their feelings? I am waiting eagerly for that episode. Can't wait!

Thank you so much for the show!

I love your show! Although I love JJ I would love even more for Rayyan and Amaar to get married! Please!!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this show! I love it as much as any anime,that's a lot of love. When I'm watching I can't draw myself away from the television. Thank you so much for bring the world this very fantastic show! ^_^

Yes, I love the show and hate to miss it even when I have to work the late shift, I still try to catch up.

But, please don't give up on Rayyan and Amaar, they need to be together - please don't force JJ on the fans trying to make him light so he'll appeal to us. There's just no chemistry between him and Rayyan, she needs to confess her true feelings for Amaar and she knows it, JJ just doesn't understand her, I'm sorry.

Oh and when can we expect a love triangle between Fatima, Baber and Fred??


I love watching this show. When is season 4 going to start? or is there going to be a season 4?

This show is great! The writers have done an excellent job with the whit and the storyline. Also, the acting is really well done. I hope this show remains on CBC. It balances out the garbage shows that many times appear on the network. Immorality and filth isn't necessary to make a show great.

Salam aleikum, thank you for the show - from Russia with love!

Please rewrite the new reverand's role or bring back the old one. I do not like his sarcastic style. If he doesn't go I probably will. I know from talking to friends that I'm not the only one that will be leaving!
A fan that liked the old show!

Your new reverend is a very grating person. I realize that a new character needed to be introduced, but I am only willing to watch him be converted to the mores and values of the town for so long. If this goes on for too long, then you are going to lose me. I will just not watch the show any more. Thank you for letting me vent.

My wife and I really got into show but ever since they introduced this new Reverend Thorn we have been very put off by this character and will nolonger watch the show

The show doesn't have the charm it did in the beginning and is starting to get repetitive in its themes. Also, the new reverend is very annoying and not funny at all.

It's too bad, the show has a solid cast and a lot of promise.