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Behind the Scenes with Shane Corkery & Rob Sockett

In this week’s "Behind The Scenes," we speak with two of the creators of the new Little Mosque on the Prairie interactive website. Rob Sockett, Producer of the interactive website, and Shane Corkery, Associate Producer on Season 3 of Little Mosque on the Prairie and on the website, and also our behind-the-scenes blogger. They both give us a sneak preview at what to expect with the launch of the new site on October 1st.

Question 1: In your research, what were some details that made you feel it was time for a Little Mosque on the Prairies interactive site?

Rob: Near the end of Season 2, we did extensive market research on the show’s online fan-base. It was amazing what we found out. Not only was there a broad base of fans from around the world, but the level of engagement was quite deep. There were chat groups where people discussed elements of the show stretching to 70 or 80 pages of text! We started to notice patterns. For example, people wanted to hear more of Fred Tupper’s radio show. They also loved the curling episode. And they wanted to know more about the past lives of certain characters, such as Fatima. The design of the site is really a direct response to what fans are interested in.

Shane: Exactly. So for example, you’re going to get “a lot more Fred” on the new site. We’ve also worked curling – the great Canadian past-time – into the site, but the details are a surprise!

Question 2: Little Mosque on the Prairie is a family television show that is also bold in its writing. Can we expect the same for the site?

Shane: No. In order to expand our reach, the website is going to feature a lot more profanity and shocking violence…just kidding, folks! The website is very much an extension of the show. We’re definitely not trying to redefine Little Mosque, but rather allow fans to delve deeper into it the world that already exists. So yes, expect the same good feelings, and the same warm humour, much of it provided by writers from the show.

Rob: The whole family can sit down together and click away.

Question 3: Will the characters from the show continue to develop on the interactive site?

Rob: Oh, absolutely. When we first began to conceive the new site, we knew that it was essential to remain true to the characters that our TV audience knows and loves. But we also thought that we had a great opportunity to expand them – to flesh them out in ways that the 22-minute TV format doesn’t allow.

Shane: We don’t want to give too much away, but we’ll definitely hear more from the citizens of Mercy – some of whom you might not even want to hear from! It’s funny, but in many ways, Mercy is one of the characters of the show. With the new season and the new interactive site, we’re going to get to know her a whole lot better.

Thanks Rob and Shane…can’t wait to try out the new site! The new site launches on October 1.