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Behind the Scenes with Shane Corkery - Part 5

One of our directors reminds me of a bird. A tall, handsome and graceful bird, but a bird nonetheless. Jim Allodi is an actor and director who is making his Little Mosque on the Prairie debut this season, and the show is all the better for it. One of the episodes he is directing features a new feature in the “Little Mosque” universe… violence! Not real world scary violence—but a couple of punches thrown in cartoonish barroom brawl never hurt anyone, right?

Naturally, in order the give the honky-tonk bar a realistic vibe, we had to include the omnipresent television over the bar. Simple enough, right? Wrong. I suspect very few of you have ever priced out the rights to include anything familiar on a television screen. (Consider yourselves even luckier if you haven't had to pay for it. Because it costs... a lot.)

So, what goes up on the television screens in the bar? Colin Brunton (Producer/shameless self-promoter) offered up a simple solution. "Hey, you could show a clip form one of my films up there!" Colin's most well-known film, which you would know if any of you had spent even three minutes with the man, is called "The Last Pogo." It is a documentary about a legendary 1978 punk show in Toronto that ended in a riot. Perfect Mosque material, wouldn't you say?

So Colin gets to shill his movie - conveniently available on DVD on October 14th - and we get to save a few bucks. What could possibly be a more elegant marriage of the two seemingly disparate brands? Oh wait... this: T-shirts available now!