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Behind the Scenes with Shane Corkery - Part 4

Guess what! It was Customer Appreciation Day in Indian Head. We heard about this through the grapevine, and thought to our collective self: "Self, it sure would be nice to participate in this." The arrangements were made and a table was set-up on Grand Avenue. Manoj Sood, who plays Baber, graciously came out on what turned out to be a bitingly cold day and autographed posters for all who came. Michael Snook, the Saskatchewan producer, manned the table as well. Two other rapscallions also made their presence known to the townspeople—namely producer Colin Brunton and myself.

Firstly, let me say this—it was a delight. It was so great to meet some of the people from the community—not to mention the nearby communities of Wolsely, Sintaluta, Balgonie, Vibank, Halifax (okay, so I just threw that one in to see if you were paying attention). They came by to eat hamburgers and buttertarts and cookies offered by local businesses. Sadly, because we are but a miserly television production with few skills applicable to the real world ("Process your negative, sir?"), we brought the only bullet in our belt—Marc DeNuzzo, Craft Services. For those of you who have been mercilessly spared a life in entertainment, craft is just another word for food. And lots of it. Marc and his brethren on other productions make a point of feeding the hard working crew for 11 out of every 12 hours a day—the other hour being lunch.

He provided plates of cheese and crackers, candy for the kids, the kids at heart, and the merely snacky, as well as hot coffee. Though it seemed like a simple offering to the residents of our new home, it was graciously received. Especially the coffee. I was reminded of how quickly the weather can turn on you in the prairies, and on this icy cold summer day, the hot coffee went fast.

Other highlights included:
Taunting a man in a Corner Gas cap. "Oh sure, he's given you myriad laughs, but did Brent Butt ever give you coffee? Huh?" (I jest. Hello Brent.)
A lovely elderly lady commenting, after finding out I am originally from Moose Jaw, "You look like you're from Toronto, but I said to my daughter, 'he's too nice.'"
Colin Brunton quizzing an elderly lady about Satchel Paige, a baseball star from the Negro leagues who played in Western Canada, including Indian Head. "We'd go to an early game, go home and do our chores, and return for the night game."

Thank you Indian Head. You are appreciated.


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