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The Mercy Chronicle: Issue #4


Little Mosque on the Prairie goes 'green'

The environment has been a hot button issue for years. The film and television industry has often been criticized for its lack of environmental concern. Recently, a task force was created called 'Green Screen Toronto' -- a unique partnership arrangement with the collective goal of ensuring the film and television industry has the leading 'Green Screen Protocols' in the creative sector.

During our last week of shooting in Toronto, Little Mosque on the Prairie opened its doors to Leslie Kulperger -- a consultant creating a new certification program for OMDC's 'Green Screen' initiative. Leslie took a tour of the production set and gave us feedback on how we can make our production more "green." During her tour, Leslie noticed many areas in which the production staff were consciously thinking in terms of "reuse and reduce."

Leslie was kind enough to send us a follow-up email after her visit, and has allowed us to include a few excerpts:

"Our visit began at the WestWind Pictures offices, where we were shuttled to the set studio along with an art department crew from another production. [Associate Producer] Shane Corkery took the time to lead us through the studio and answer our numerous questions... We have been continually amazed by the level of help we have received on this endeavor, and were especially pleased to have had the opportunity to actually get to see an episode being shot. It speaks volumes to the WestWind Pictures' interest and desire in improving its environmental footprint."


"Week One" of our Little Mosque on the Prairie Facebook Trivia Challenge has come to a close...

We have received a flurry of activity from participants across Canada, as well as players from as far away as Norway. This six week challenge is open to everyone, but there can only be one winner and this week we would like to congratulate Victoria Klein with the top score of 1957 points.

"Week Two" of the contest starts today -- Tuesday August 19!

Don't have a Facebook profile? You can still take part in the trivia challenge by signing up at to create your own free profile. Once you have a profile, add the Little Mosque on the Prairie Trivia Challenge application, which can be found on the official Little Mosque on the Prairie Facebook fan page.