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The Mercy Chronicle: Issue #2

Little Mosque on the Prairie shows appreciation to its fans!

From Facebook to YouTube, Little Mosque on the Prairie has been shared and discussed openly amongst diverse communities. To show our appreciation to you (our fans) we will be launching our Facebook Trivia Challenge, starting August 12. There will be one contest per week, for six weeks, each featuring ten multiple-choice questions. Players receive scores and a public leader board tracks the highest scores each week. Each week's winner receives an exclusive prize pack! Items include an official Little Mosque on the Prairie T-shirt, fashion hoodie, mug and a baseball hat, plus a poster autographed by the cast, and season one on DVD, all stuffed inside a very fashionable Little Mosque on the Prairie tote bag.

It's just our way of saying THANKS to you for your support of Little Mosque on the Prairie.

For those who do not have a Facebook profile you can take part in our trivia challenge by signing up at to create your own free profile. Add the trivia application, which can be found (starting August 12) by simply visiting our Official Little Mosque on the Prairie Facebook site.

In this week's behind the scenes interview we speak with Mandy Merzaban, a devoted fan of the show and the creator of two of the hottest Facebook Groups: Canadians Who Love Little Mosque on the Prairie and Zaib Shaikh Appreciation (Amaar Rashid on Little Mosque on the Prairie). Mandy, a recent graduate from the University of British Columbia, discusses openly her love for the show, her devotion to her Facebook groups, and her interest in creating an online space to discuss issues regarding cultural identity.

Question: Initially, how did you hear of Little Mosque on the Prairie?
Mandy: I first heard about the show through the advertisements that were broadcast on the CBC during the months leading up to the premiere. I believe there was one involving Muslims and curling... which of course grabbed my attention.

Question: What is it about the show that excites you?
Mandy: What I find particularly interesting about the show is that it is different from the standard arrangement of a television sitcom about small town life. The characters in this comedy series portray the 'everyday Muslim' which is rare, or rather foreign in the mainstream circuit. Rather than stereotypes, the characters are not one dimensional, but develop and grow as the show goes on. Little Mosque presents a more nuanced perspective on Canadian culture and attempts to forefront aspects of our multicultural society that haven't really entered the limelight. I am glad that we are able to move on from the 'Brady Bunch' type standard. A comedy about a small Muslim community in a prairie town is definitely fertile ground for comedy!

Question: How many members are in your groups?
Mandy: So far, the "Canadians Who Love Little Mosque on the Prairie" group stands at 1561 members and growing! While the "Zaib Shaikh Appreciation" has 128 members. These groups should continue to grow whilst more people join Facebook and become enthusiasts of the comedy series! In order to join these groups, people must also be Facebook members.

Question: How much time was spent in creating and also maintaining the groups?
Mandy: Maintaining the group is ongoing really, whenever there is an update, or an event happening related to "Little Mosque," we post it. And if any of us attend events we will post pictures and such to share with other fans.

Question: What are some of the topics that are discussed online?
Mandy: There is a broad spectrum of topics which are discussed and debated with in these groups, ranging from issues of cultural and religious representation on the show to whether or not Rayyan will be engaged next season!

Question: What exactly motivated you as a fan of the show to connect with other fans?
Mandy: Well, I thought Little Mosque would spark some buzz, and I wanted to know how other people would respond to the show and its introduction into Canadian television.

Question: We have a 6-week Facebook Trivia Challenge leading up to the launch of the new season and the new interactive site. Will you be playing competitively along with your friends?
Mandy: I am sure there are plenty of people who would be more than willing to strut their stuff in Little Mosque trivia. I myself am not a competitive type, but I might do quite well... I should hope!

Question: Do you subscribe to the Little Mosque on the Prairie newsletter, if so what would you and your members like to see included in the newsletter?
Mandy: Yes, I have subscribed to the newsletter. One particular aspect that I enjoy is the feedback from viewers of the show. It would be very interesting to see that be developed more. I would assume that links and updates about events, and articles about the show would be in the interest of the fans.

Question: Who are you favorite characters on Little Mosque on the Prairie and why?
Mandy: At the current moment, I am split between Yasir and Baber. Yasir is hilarious as he tries to make everything apply to business, and his stance on his religion is on a purely "need to know" basis. The way he deals with his problems is always a source of comedy. Baber on the other hand has a whole set of other personality quirks, which of course in his understanding are religiously permissible, and make dealing with everyday problems an epic quest... How Baber basically overstates everything is hilarious. But I also love his character because he sometimes learns to compromise, even if it is like pulling teeth.

Question: What your predictions are for season III of Little Mosque (launching Oct 1)?
Mandy: I keep an open mind; I try not to ponder too much on the matter so that I can be surprised!

*** Little Mosque on the Prairie would like to thank Facebook Groups co-creators Mandy Merzaban and Derek Barker for their continuous support of Little Mosque on the Prairie.***


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