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Behind the Scenes with Shane Corkery - Part 1

Hey people. My name is Shane Corkery, and I am the associate producer on Season 3 of Little Mosque on the Prairie.

I'm writing to you from my new office—a sleek limited edition Fleetwood Terry recreational vehicle, parked outside the post office in Indian Head, Saskatchewan. Not that you know what my old office looked like, but I can definitely say that it was a little nicer than this one, and being in a building and all, it was much better on gas. On the other hand, it doesn't corner nearly as well as this one. I am sharing this six-wheeled, wood-paneled beauty with producer Colin Brunton as we head into production on the Saskatchewan portion of this season of Little Mosque on the Prairie. It's been an exciting couple of weeks as our art department—led by the industrious and artful Brendan Smith—has transformed the lovely town of Indian Head into the even lovelier town of Mercy. After all, no town is complete without a Schnitzel Time!

Up until this point, the local bakery had kept us well stocked with donuts and fritters and cookies—though they decided to start their annual holidays on the very day that principal photography started. I guess they weren't going to let any froufrou TV types mess up their vacation plans. Personally, I say kudos to them for maintaining their integrity in the face of potentially brisk sales. On the down side, the absence of those fritters leaves a deep chasm in our collective heart that will be hard to fill.

Anyways, so here we are on day one. The sun is shining on our brand new Mosque, and we managed to shoot two scenes this morning, right out front. One of them, of course, picks up right where Season 2 left off. You know the scene, right? Where Rayyan tells Amaar that JJ has asked her to marry him and she says... Oh right. Apparently I am not supposed to reveal that part yet! That could have been the end of my blogging career. I better just leave that alone and let the audience find it out for themselves when this season starts, October 1st, 2008 at 8:30 pm on CBC... Canada Lives Here.

Oh, relax. A little corporate shilling never hurt anyone... I am off to lunch now.


Not sure who is responsible; just HATE the
use of classic Beatles iconography in your promo.
Not watching either.