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Little Mosque in the Summer

(L-R) Manoj Sood, Carlo Rota, Sheila McCarthy, Zaib Shaikh and Stephen Lobo at CBC's Fall Season Launch in Toronto.

Starting tomorrow, season 2 is back for the summer on Wednesdays at 8pm.

Episode 2.1: Grave Concern -- When a local cemetery is in financial crisis, Baber and Yasir see an opportunity. Why not buy a portion to use as a Muslim cemetery? This will guarantee being buried in the traditional Muslim way: on their right side, facing Mecca. But they soon realize Mecca isn't the only thing they will spend eternity facing. Meanwhile, Rayyan pushes to have a woman give the mosque's community announcements.


i am sikh and i dont want to offend anyone but am wondering if the show reflects the beliefs and values of muslims in our country today?
i watched a bit of the show and did find parts of it offensive to my own personal beliefs, and wanted to know what others with some cultural perspective thought on this issue?

What a great show. I find it a most entertaining half hour.

Imagine, a sitcom with all the Ten Commandments left in tact at 8:30.

Most shows break eight before the first commercial.

great show .... but im wondering are you having any auditions for any new character(s)


Why does the caption for this picture not include Sitara?