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What did you think of this week's episode?

Tell us what you thought!


While I did enjoy the episode, I fail to see why Rayyan is so interested in her childhood friend in the first place, or why she is suddenly so amenable to the idea of islami-dating and perhaps getting married. I suppose the current circumstances do lend to tension between Rayyan and Amar, but it is rather predictable. I would like to see a bit more of character development. Yes, I know this is hard to accomplish in a 30 minute sitcom, but it will lend to the quality and longevity of the program.

Love the show, i like the fact that they are showing proper islamic dating, its so needed coz its difficult to explain all that to a non muslim.this is one show i would definately want my kids to watch..(once i have them!!)

i love LMOTP. i think it is very very brave for cbc to do a show like this given the Islamic political climate.

Iloved the show and think RAYYAN is a sweet lovely woman, who will make any man proud, Maybe we can see a real Muslim wedding in the next year show???

I really like the direction that the show is taking. I think Ryaan and JJ make a nice couple and would like to see a wedding between the two perhaps. It would be nice if Amaar could also find someone. I'd also like to see more of Fathima. Very good show!!


Loved the episode. When does the next season start?
When is LMOTP coming to US channels?

I love this show - all episodes. This one was a cliff hanger and you don't know which way it will go but I'm hoping. Hurry back.

I'm with michael grigsby - arrgh!!! What a cliffhanger!!! It's rare that I get so enthralled in a sitcom like this, but I was dying to find out what Rayyan decided!!! This show has always gone above and beyond my expectations, thanks CBC! :)

You are evil, evil, people! Terrible cliffhanger!

And so when will the new season of LMOTP begin? I thought the abrupt end of Wednesday's final episode for this season was a bit too abrupt ... without some postscript when the new cycle starts. By then, I may no longer be interested enough to return. This episode reminded me of the "Who shot JR" stunt pulled on "Dallas." Except LMOTP is not "Dallas" in terms of audience size or crass. Having said this, I like the program and am glad we have access to a CBC station (CKWS-Kingston) in Central New York.

Our whole family can't wait for next season to start - my nine year old daughter keeps asking: "What is Rayyan going to do??!!" Great show!

I really enjoyed it. I hope that Amaar can tell his feelings to Rayyan before it's too late!!! JJ's good. But I think that Amaar means more to Rayyan unless I'm missing something. The whole Baber vs.chiropractor was hysterical. When does the new season start?

AAHHHH!!! Cliff-hanger!! Hate cliff-hangers!! Hated them since "Who shot JR?"


Love the show, though. I like the way they've beefed up the chemistry between Amar and Rayyan. And Baber is so ridiculously annoying, but in a funny way!

I have recently watched the lastest LMOTP show, marrige minded. All I can say was that it was a great dissapointment.I did not like it at all. I couldn't even rate this show 1 out of 100.

Boy, what a letdown--as bad as "Who shot JR/" It was dirty pool. We were really bummed. What a cheap trick!

Boy, what a letdown--as bad as "Who shot JR/" It was dirty pool. We were really bummed. What a cheap trick!

A great show and a great episode I have enjoyed the whole series. I hope to see a muslim wedding next season.Well done CBC

Nice ending for the season. Sure to bring us back!

I had a feeling when I saw the commercial advertising the finale that it was going to end with that exact scene....I just knew it...and I was sort of disappointed, yet excited. Our family loves this show, especially how there are various dilemmas involving the different characters going on all at once - never boring.

Can't wait for the next episode - hope it is not too long. I just love the show - I hope Rayyan and Amar get together. They make a better couple than JJ & Rayyan.


I was somewhat disappointed at the ending, but then thought better of it. I decided that it was a really nice way of saying that LMOTP will return next year. Oh do I hope so. I, too, think Amar is a better match but I'll take what I get. I have loved this show since the beginning. I've read most of the comments over the past two years and some of them make me sad. Since I am Christian, what I know about Islam is what I read in books and what the Muslims I work with tell me. I do think, however, that at least some Muslims customs transcend all the variants of Islam. Whether one is Sunni or Shiite, whatever country one is from, basic truths are basic truths, and those are what I assume I see every week. I am glad for that because those of us who are learning feel need of basics. So, once again, thank you Ms. Nawaz and CBC. Thank you to the cast. I look forward to next season. Mary

I love this show I really want Rayyan and Amaar to get together ... I like JJ and all but I just think that Amaar and Rayyan would make the better couple. I hope she said no to JJ's perposal.I am going to be so sad and angry if Rayyan and JJ get married I mean you can just tell how much Rayyan means to Amaar and I think that if she did say yes to JJ then Amaar is going to be so sad and would probably end up leaving but still I haven't quite figured out how this will work because I mean how is everyone going to react if its Rayyan and Amaar who get together after all of this, I mean It may have not been so awkward before but now after JJ i think if they do get together then it is going to be really awkward but who knows I guess I'll have to wait until the next season. There has got to be a third season PLEASEEE?
oh and like many others I would really like to see a muslem wedding.

i can't believe that there wasn't a show like this before about the Muslim populace here in North America. Thank you CBC for taking the initiative to show how ordinary Muslims are. We are people like everyone else, we fall in love, we question our parents, we question our beliefs and ourselves. We laugh, say hypocritical things, apologize, we are human. Finally, a show that allows our Christian, Jewish, etc., brother and Sisters in the west know about us. Also it shows the ridiculousness of certain thoughts and prejudices that have been perpetrated by media and government against a gentle people and their faith.

I love Little Mosque on the Prairie and have learned a lot about islam but I wish there was more interaction regarding the people of Mercy belonging to Rev. McGee's church. There has to be conflict and confusion and I would like to see stories resolving this issue.

I loved today's show with the character Nate... I am a mother of two girls 10 and 12 we loved Nates wit !!! My husband had never watched the show before, and he can't wait to watch it again. Sooo funny!!!

Thank you CBC, for such a fresh wonderful comedy as well as dramatic show. With each episode the shows becomes better. Wished that it was aired more then once a week! Also it will be great to see Rayyan and Ammar get together in the end though inbetween realizing they love each other but never say any thing untill the last episodes and please donot make the last episodes come so soon. Every one we know love this show . keep the good work up!