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The LMOP cliffhanger season finale: Will she or won't she?

Is Rayyan (Sitara Hewitt) about to say yes to an arranged marriage?

Although Rayyan and J.J. (Stephen Lobo) were childhood friends, they haven’t seen each other in years. J.J. is now an engineer, and after a short chaperoned courtship, he’s ready to pop the question.

Things are working out really well between them. Deciding it’s the right time, J.J. asks for Yasir’s (Carlo Rota) blessing, which Yasir gives enthusiastically. As far as Yasir is concerned, it’s a done deal.

There’s only one thing missing—J.J. hasn’t asked Rayyan yet.

Meanwhile, Amaar (Zaib Shaikh) tries to come to terms with his feelings for Rayyan before it’s too late and Sarah (Sheila McCarthy) wonders if this is the year she will be ‘the mother of the bride.’

Wednesday, March 5 at 8 pm.


I was so excited to see excited to see the episode but I am still confused, will she or won't she make a decision. I am looking forward to the next season. I really want Rayyan and Omar to be together. They are those friends who appreciate each other and accept each other differences. I just love their performance which is so natural and close to me

So when is the new season starting...I cant believe they left us hanging. Not fair.

I'm so glad that this show is going for the love triangle!

I doubt if she will marry JJ. When does season 3 start?

I hope she does! JJ is a great character, I want to see him stick around. Also, he has better chemistry with Rayyan than she has with Amaar.

Anyway, why end a season in March? When is the next season supposed to begin?

i love this show, there's nothing like this in London, its nice to see something different. so when is season 3 starting?

Great show. I hope Rayyan won't accept J.J's proposal. I've said from the start that she'll get with Ammar by the end. i just hope i'm not wrong

I think that Rayyan should say no to J.J. If she says yes then Amaar will be very sad. Anyway, when's the new season starting. It's not fair to leave us at a cliffhanger.

I am very interested in this show and in what happens next.... Pls do let all of us know when the next season will air... I really can't wait.

So when the season 3 starts?
And why is it "season finale"
For god sake we love it and they should make more episodes.

Any how LMOP shows the entire world how we canadians are a multicultural society!

I'm proud to be a Canadian!

I hope the new season starts off with a bang. I feel Rayyan definitely has more chemistry with AMar

i love this film very much. but how come it became a final season? so when does the season 3 start?
i think rayyan has say no to JJ, and i hope she will say yes to Amar

Loved Season 1. As a muslim it was great to see the diversity of muslims displayed on television ina positive light. Thanks CBC!!Season 2: Can we stop the romance (triangle) topic and get onto exploring some interesting topics that made season 1 so funny (e.g.convert to islam, visiting reverend,interesting interfaith communication, halloween etc.) My children, who were so excited with the first season, are slowly losing interest, and so am I.

I am so addicted to this show!! lol The pilot wasn't the best but after that it really hit off!

Season 3 has just started where I am and I am SO RIDICULOUSLY HAPPY that Ryaan accepted JJ's proposal! =D They're so cute together, and they have more romantic chemistry than Ryaan and Amar who seem like brother/sister type to me. Plus, Ryaan and JJ are getting to know each other with the intention of marriage (which is how Islam allows "dating") whereas Amar and Ryaan hang out way too much together in private areas without even considering that important prospect. The love triangle is just showing me why men and women have less contact in Islam than the West allows. Feelings get mixed up and it just gets no one nowhere.

GREAT show!

I know what you mean, I'm rather getting sick of seeing JJ now, I think I'd love to see things pick up once again for Amaar and Rayyan, he needs to get serious about her. The writer of the show had us so close on the edge of the seats and then put everything on the back burner again, really steamed me.

Also - we need to have a love triangle of Baber and Fred fighting over Fatima, maybe she will be so blaise about it at first and then decide to date both to see who makes her happy, it would be very funny.