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Tell us what you thought of 'Islam on Tap'

Time for your reviews...


Love the show in general for the layered lessons it teaches in Multi-faith/Multiculturalism; but this episode also emphasizes Rayan's extreme lack of sophistication and inner knowledge. She often (in many episodes,) comes off as a naive 15 year old. Her decisions made by rote.
Teen Layla has more maturity!

Does it make sense to portray a trained doctor, raised in a plural society in such a light? She seems to fear adult life, regardless of her devout choices..shoebox notwithstanding! Since when is going for ice cream or to the library with a male friend so risque or shameful? Is asking rhe question's validity, worth depleting Rayan's maturity?

None the less, I love the show and I am sorry you have ended the season so early- Just looking forward to seeing Rayan, Amar and JJ act more like the adults they are!

Gail Nestel
Victoria, BC

I too enjoy the show. It is nice to see the plethora of ways Muslims can choose to live reflected in Mercy.

My husband and I have been watching the shows throughout the first two seasons... we have been predicting Amar and Rayan for some time. I can't wait to see next season.

erica aisha

In general I like the show, unfortunately I am not as happy with season threes episodes.

Basically, the show is changing from a comedy into a drama. In the first seasons episodes, I laughed a lot. In the episode that aired on Nov 26, I never laughed once, and that fits the trend that I have been observing so far this year.

Bring back the jokes or I will change the channel!

I would like to congratulate everyone for the premier of season 4, I think all of you deserve a pat on the back for building the bridges between communities and spreading the message of love for all hatred for none.