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Little Mosque makes the Harvard Law Record

  • Katie Mapes is watching us at Harvard. And apparently it's not just "about" that we say funny, but "sorry" too:
    This isn't just my favorite Canadian television show, this is one of my favorite shows, period. The concept can be (and no doubt was, in whatever meeting this was originally pitched at) summed up as "Northern Exposure" for our post-September 11th world. "Little Mosque on the Prairie" follows the Muslim community in a small town somewhere in rural Canada. Link


Hi all...

there is only one word WOW...

its just amazing, shame we dont have it here in england. I have to search arround for it. However I've managed to order my copy of the season one dvd. Would be great if it aired here in the uk.

tomz up to the producers + directors + cast and cbc