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Little Mosque in the news

  • Are Americans ready for 'Little Mosque on the Prairie' from the Rochester, Minnesota Post-Bulletin:
    Here's a question for you. If there were a TV sitcom about the trials and tribulations of a Muslim community "up north" would you watch it? Let's say it's a good sitcom, well-acted and cleverly written with enticing, on-location camera work. It includes a group of quirky characters in a small, rural town just trying to get along in a changing world. Think "Northern Exposure" meets "The Jeffersons." Link


As an American who loves the show, I don't know if Americans are ready for this type of show. Some people still have fears of Muslims and equate them with terrorists. Also, too many Americans are close minded. I love the show. I saw it when I was in Detroit on business. I don't miss a single show ever since then!

...had to comment on the initial question...

The show isn't about a "muslim" community "up north". It is about a community in Canada, on the prairie, with people of varying religions and beliefs.