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January 29: Little Mosque in the news

If CBC ignores us, maybe that's good: A reader writes to Regina's The Leader-Post saying the CBC has a Toronto-centric view of Saskatchewan.

What do you think?


I am not sure what a Toronto-centric view of Saskatchewan looks like. If I had more information it would be easier to have an opinion about this assertion.

Oh just get over it. The rest of Canada needs to calm down about Toronto. I live in Toronto and there is definitely not a Toronto-centric view of Saskatchewan. You couldn't get a better portrayal of the province like the way the CBC does. Have you been Toronto lately to see how it is??? Let's try to unite as a country in terms of broadcasting, not be against one another. This is crazy!!!

i think little mosque is one of the best shows ever produced. they were funnier in the beginning. some people say why make fun of others religion, but i myself am Muslim and i say its just a show who cares, enjoy the moment. dont kill the joke.