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CRTC Ruling


The Canadian Radio and Television Commission reviewed a complaint about the Season One episode "Traditional Mother" -- in which the characters Fatima, Baber and Fred voiced disapproval of homosexuality and same-sex marriage -- and decided that the episode did not constitute abusive comment about gays and lesbians.

The CRTC ruled that Little Mosque wasn't promoting anti-gay views but was portraying them as they exist in parts of Canadian society.

Read more about the case at CRTC Finds No 'Abusive Comments' in CBC's Little Mosque on the Prairie at Link

What do you think?


I think attacking Little Mosque for making these comments is nuts. This is a great Canadian show and it showed be allowed to portray people as they really are, the good and the bad, and I think Little Mosque does a great job of that.

I love the show but often can't see it at 8pm Wednesdays because of family demands, which come up too suddenly for me to set up recording it. I would very much appreciate it if CBC could show Little Mosque again at another time, maybe on the weekend - even if it's at an odd time like early morning or late at night. Thanks.

I think those who disapprove are missing the point. I do not think it was an abusive comment. It was just telling it like it is. Some people of all religions feel this way. Just because I disagree with them doesn't mean you have to hide it. I hope one day everyone will become more tolerant. Homosexuality is a fact of life. Just in case you get the wrong idea about me I happen to be straight and I can't help that either
That is way I was born.

As a member of the GLBT community myself, I was at first a little worried the episode might take a negative tone, but I actually thought it was very well done! While it was obvious that some of the characters had homophobic views and beliefs, the other characters provided a balance to the perspective, and they all had open, honest, communication about a topic that is still often seen as taboo in today's media. Well done Little Mosque - I love this show!

Very pleased to hear about the ruling. We seem to have lost our sense of humour about many things. Little Mosque is a wonderful show which portrays life's foibles in a humourous non-threatening way. Kudos to Little Mosque.

As a bisexual person who leans more towards homosexual tendencies, I was not in any way offended by the show in question.
I absolutely love Little Mosque and find that they have a well balanced approach to all cultural and religious views. All people are entitled to their opinion, whether they are considered enlightened or not. Let us keep in mind that humour leads to dialogue and dialogue leads to an exchange of ideas. This is always positive.

So it's ok for characters on TV, to make comments but if your a Christian pastor or a comedian and you use what some may consider "stronger" words - its wrong and you get hauled before a "human rights" commission.

No dble standard there.