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Double Mosque tonight

Two episodes tonight.

First, Eid's a Wonderful Life

Christmas is around the corner and Sarah's blue. She misses the fun and pageantry of her pre-conversion Christmases. Rayyan vows to make this year's Muslim festival, Eid alhada, a little more Christmassy to cheer up her mom. And: the Christmas rush leads to trouble at the mosque, where Amaar and Magee come into conflict over limited parking.

Followed by The Five Year Plan

It's New Year's Eve and Yasir is depressed. Another year's gone by and he hasn't reached the goals he's set for his business. Rayyan throws a dinner to cheer him up, and over dinner Rayyan, Baber, and Amaar share stories of where they were doing exactly five years ago.

Watch the preview.

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Nothing gets Baber more heated than the hormone filled population of the world... teenagers. Watch here.