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December 12, 2007

Double Mosque tonight

Two episodes tonight.

First, Eid's a Wonderful Life

Christmas is around the corner and Sarah's blue. She misses the fun and pageantry of her pre-conversion Christmases. Rayyan vows to make this year's Muslim festival, Eid alhada, a little more Christmassy to cheer up her mom. And: the Christmas rush leads to trouble at the mosque, where Amaar and Magee come into conflict over limited parking.

Followed by The Five Year Plan

It's New Year's Eve and Yasir is depressed. Another year's gone by and he hasn't reached the goals he's set for his business. Rayyan throws a dinner to cheer him up, and over dinner Rayyan, Baber, and Amaar share stories of where they were doing exactly five years ago.

Watch the preview.

And check out the latest Baber Rant: teenagers

Nothing gets Baber more heated than the hormone filled population of the world... teenagers. Watch here.

December 10, 2007

In the news: December 11

About the show:

  • The Halifax Chronicle Herald's Tim Arsenault writes about this week's double Mosque episodes:
    Of course, there’s no shortage of television specials that mark the celebrations — unless those celebrations happen to be something other than Christmas. That’s one reason why the first holiday-themed episodes of Little Mosque on the Prairie stand out. The other is that they’re really funny. Link

Beyond the show:

  • On CBC Radio One Toronto's Metro Morning, Andy Barrie spoke with Ausma Khan, the editor in chief of Muslim Girl magazine on conflicts between Muslim parents and teens in the context of the tragedy in Toronto this week. Listen here (will launch Real player)
  • The Hollywood Reporter talks to actor Tony Shalhoub (Monk) about changing the Arab image in the U.S. Link

December 5, 2007

In the news: December 5

  • A mixed review from Eric Kohanik in the National Post:
    Little Mosque on the Prairie is still one of those comedy series that tends to make you smile rather than laugh out loud. But it does have its clever moments. This week's installment features some amusing exchanges as Amaar and Rayyan go to bat for Baber after he tells them he is on the U.S. no-fly list. Kids In The Hall grad Dave Foley puts in a guest stint as a clerk at the local American consulate. Link