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Little Mosque in Stratford

In the news:

Carlo Rota and Sheila McCarthy will be at a quilt auction in Stratford, Ontario to raise money to fight cancer. Up for auction is a chance to visit the Little Mosque set and meet the stars. Link

Then, the Georgia Straight on Little Mosque's Season One DVD:

A definitively Canadian sitcom that portrays a community of Muslims living on the small-town prairies. The show’s hook is that it portrays Muslims as—wait for it—ordinary people. Beyond Canada, Little Mosque on the Prairie is available in Turkey, Finland, Israel, and the Palestinian territories. Could America be next? Link

The Globe on Darcy Tucker's guest spot this week:

People have always said Darcy Tucker, the Toronto Maple Leafs irascible forward, is a good actor. He can fall down when breathed upon. He can feign great indignity when called for a penalty. (He can also score goals and drive opponents wild with his chirping, which is an often overlooked skill compared to his thespian accomplishments.) Link

A new report says women in Muslim countries are hit worse by discrimination than women elsewhere. Link

Finally, a story on a Quebec bill that would require all voters to show their faces in order to cast their ballot. Link