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In the news: November 29

About the show:

  • Arts and Entertainment has a story on Zaib Shaikh's (Amaar) role in the next Canada Reads. Shaikh will be defending Timothy Findley's Not Wanted on the Voyage. Link

Beyond the show:

  • The Globe and Mail talks to Little Mosque Executive Producer Mary Darling on the demand for Canadian content from the U.S. during the writers' strike:
    Darling... says there's also been many format-rights enquiries about that CBC sitcom, which is now sold in 80 territories. She, too, has noticed an uptick in international interest for Canadian-made programs, and believes a good reason is simply that “Canadian product is getting better." Link
  • interviews Muslim Canadian Congress founder Tarek Fatah on "the schoolteacher jailed in Sudan after naming a teddy bear 'Muhammad,' what Canada should do and why he's going teddy bear shopping." Link


With apologies for being a bit off-topic...

I've been a Little Mosque fan for only a couple of months now, but I've just been *dying* to get this out for all the world to see and critique since I first laid eyes on the man:

Is Zaib Shaikh not a dead ringer for an Eastern version of Jeff Goldblum?? :^)

There, perhaps I've finally gotten that out of my system. I'll go back to my corner now... ;^)


---chris (from Michigan in the US.)