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Yo, Adrienne

Photo Credit: Tara Walton, Toronto Star

What TV shows does Adrienne Clarkson say she watches every week?

I watch Little Mosque on the Prairie and Corner Gas. I think they express something about Canada and I enjoy the actors. And they're both very, very funny. Link

We don't mind the shared billing when it comes from a Governor General.

The title of tonight's episode is Ban the Burka. This title caused a bit of a debate here at the blog - over spelling. How do you spell burka, anyway?

The Oxford English Dictionary says burka is right, as is burqa, boorka, bourkha and burko. Link

Burqini is spelled with a 'q' or a 'k.'

The Baber Rants

Baber's latest rant is up on the site. This week's topic: the worst "ism" of all. Hint: it's not communism, fascism or sexism.

In the news:

The Globe and Mail looks at criticism of the Harper government's plans to court ethnic voters.

The Pakistan Daily Times has a story on the first Muslim woman to take front seat in the U.K. parliament.

Human rights lawyer Sayeeda Warsi has become the first Muslim woman to take a front-bench post at cabinet level in the British parliament.The 36-year old mother of one took her seat in the House of Lords as Baroness Warsi. She is also the youngest member of Britain's upper parliamentary chamber and the first female Muslim for the opposition Conservative Party. Link