March 8, 2011

The End Is Nigh

Well, what do you know? Time flies when you're having fun, and it seems like many of you are at least having a little bit of fun! Thanks for the kind words of encouragement on facebook and twitter. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Best. Fans. Ever.

And even if there are only three episodes left, we can rejoice in knowing that we have been given official word that there will be a Season Six. Hooray! So don't lament the end of the season friends. Instead, rejoice at the impending arrival of a new season. And then, at this time next year, your can lament more fully!

This week on Mosque: Guns and party dresses! Paint will be spilled! Non-alcoholic champagne will be consumed! Fatima's hair will be revealed! Tune in Monday at 8.

February 9, 2011

Insert Mosque Pun Here

Sshhhhh. I'll have to type quietly, because I don't want to disturb the writers next door. "But hasn't season 5 been completely written?" To which I respond: Sshhhhhh.

I hope you guys enjoyed that week's triumphant episode. A few of you on facebook have certainly had positive things to say. Even our resident critic P. Joy Webster found the courage deep within her to come forward with this statement:

After all the negative comments that I made last year, it is my responsibility to write and say that I'm LOVING this season.

P. Joy Webster, to you I say this: Aww, shucks. It weren't nothin'.

Be sure to tune in next week for another good episode, Brother Can You Spare a Mosque? It was written by Andrew Carr of Corner Gas fame and, more importantly, it stars a mattress salesman! Also, I think some other characters are there as well. Like a drifter played by one of the co-executive producers' brother... but before you say anything, he earned that role dammit! Maybe Amaar and Rayyan show up too, I can barely remember. ;)

February 1, 2011

Smooth Hate Criminal

Hey Mosque-ovites!

I hope you enjoyed the last episode. Thorne and Amaar, Amaar and Thorne--together at last... Sort of. And if that isn't strange enough, things will get even stranger in the next episode. And because we are a Canadian show with a natural tendency towards low self-esteem, we will praise this upcoming episode only because it was written by guy who wrote on The Office. Sure, he's Canadian and a very funny guy and a good father and all-around nice guy, but really who cares! He wrote on The Office!

Actually I care. Anthony Q. Farrell....I care deeply.

Here's the summary: Rayyan urges Amaar to befriend a lonely Rev. Thorne but quickly finds herself shut out when the former frenemies find much in common. Meanwhile, when a mishap at the Mosque is misread as a hate crime, Sarah covers for the Mayor until she has to come clean and mend fences between the Anglicans and the Muslims.

Next Monday at 8!

January 25, 2011

Spreading the word

Did you happen to catch Zaib Shaikh on @Katiecouric? Zaib was a part of a Muslim panel she held in response to the amount of feedback she got from her "Muslim Cosby Show" a few weeks back. Quoth Zaib, "I'm no Imam, I just play one on TV." Watch the whole segment:;housing

Next week on Little Mosque: Roomies. A leak in the roof of Amaar's loft sends him scrambling to find another place to live and all roads lead to Thorne much to the Imam's chagrin. Thorne loves having Amaar there and is hurt when he doesn't want to stay. So Thorne sets out to make sure Amaar has no place else to go. Meanwhile, Sarah fights off aging to the point of injury to impress an old friend who stops by Mercy for a visit.

I know. Crazy right?

January 18, 2011

1/4 Too Short

Greetings from Mercy. I hope everyone enjoyed A Kept Imam, this week's episode that was written by a rockin' young Muslim woman named Sadiya Durrani. She's funny, she's fresh, and she's from Winnipeg! And this week, we've got another episode from a different but equally funny Muslim lady, Little Mosque creator Zarqa Nawaz. (Yes, there is more than one funny Muslim lady! In fact, I like to imagine an army of hijabi comedians, all anxiously writing episodes of the Big Bang Theory in their basement, hoping to break into the tv biz!).

Next Monday's episode is called Loose Lips. In it, Amaar shares a funny, little quirk of Rayyan's as a way to show a congregant that all couples disagree about some things. But Rayyan is not amused to discover Amaar has been talking about her and bans him from saying anything else. Meanwhile, Sarah convinces Baber to pose as her boss in an attempt to land a conservative Muslim as a client for Hamoudi Construction.

Hilarity ensues. Please join us Monday January 24th at 8:00 PM on CBC.

January 11, 2011

Greetings from Mercy

Hello all, and greetings form Mercy. Two episodes into the new season. Amaar and Rayyan are aboard the express train, destination marriage! Let's hope the journey is swift and smooth. But don't count on it. This is television after all! Also, that pesky Reverend Thorne, much maligned after his move to Mercy last year, seems to be... GASP... softening? Could it be that all of that fresh country air and viewer backlash is affecting his character? NAH!

More answers to be found in next week's episode, "Bromancing the Imam." Check it out on Monday, January 17th at 8:00 PM on CBC.

Also, follow @LittleMosque on Twitter. Where you can hear about the kinds of bagels Revered Thorne eats. This is important stuff people!!

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Behind The Scenes

503 - Behind the scenes

503 - Behind the scenes

January 4, 2011

The Muslim Cosby Show

Hey, they're engaged! Who saw that coming? Especially from an episode called The Proposal? Not me, that's for sure! And I read the script too. And saw them shoot the proposal scene. Still... shocking! Coming next Monday on Little Mosque is an episode called The Angry Separation. No, not really. It is in fact entitled Bromancing the Imam. It's full of engagement hijinks between Rayyan and Amaar, and Reverend Thorne starting along a new path to being... better-er. Hint: it's an uphill battle!

Click on through to the blog post to

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December 8, 2010

The Morning After

A couple of you may remember that at the end of last season, Rayyan told Amaar she loved him, and Amaar told Rayyan that he loved her. In fact, I think a whole lot of you do. In the minutes after that episode aired, it looked like facebook's servers were going to crash under the weight of all of those 'OMG!'s and 'It's about time!'s.

And so begins a new season of Little Mosque on the Prairie. We hope you enjoyed our little Christmas amuse-bouche (Watch 'A Holiday Story' here) but it is nearly time for the main course. Season 5 is jam-packed full of great stories with the characters you love, and lovely stories for the great characters you don't. Click though to the blog post for more!

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November 30, 2010

Little Mosque on the Snowy Prairie

Hey everyone, look... Muslims! And snow! It can only mean one thing... another Little Mosque on the Prairie holiday special!

That's right. Our new season doesn't officially start until January 3rd. That's when you can look forward to seeing what happens after the bombshell that was dropped at the very end of last season. But in order to whet your appetite, we've got a lovely little present for you, wrapped in garlands, filled with surprises! Like the return of Yasir and Duncan Magee! (Oops, I guess I ruined the surprise. I was never particularly good at keeping secrets. (Damn! That was supposed to be a secret too!))

On December 6th at 9 PM, please join us for the Little Mosque on the Prairie holiday special. Not only are all of your favourite characters back, but it also somehow manages to bend the time-space continuum and have both Reverends, Magee And Thorne, in the same episode! It's practically like Lost. Except with kufis.

Here are a couple of behind the scenes pictures:

A Holiday Story
I was there that day, but I still have no idea what Manoj Sood is doing.

A Holiday Story
Director Steve Wright and some other guy. Derek something-or-other. Though he does look familiar. Vaguely.

January 15, 2010


Oh... hi there. I didn't see you come in. Long time, no see. Welcome to 2010!

We have a few things on the go that I thought I share with you. Click through for the scoop!

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