CBC Television's hit sitcom LITTLE MOSQUE ON THE PRAIRIE is the internationally-acclaimed comedy about Muslims and Christians attempting to live in harmony with each other in the small town of Mercy. And they are about to learn that it isn't as easy as they thought.

The new season of LITTLE MOSQUE ON THE PRAIRIE will come as quite a surprise for many of its fans. The friendly relationship between the Muslims and the Christians will be put to the test when the ambitious new Reverend Thorne takes over Mercy Anglican, and he isn’t keen on sharing his church with a bunch of Islam-y types. Amaar and Reverend Thorne will have to face off in a battle for the hearts and minds of Mercy, and many of the townsfolk will be pulled into the fray. Who will be left standing? And will they be left standing with their dignity in tact?

The affable Reverend Duncan Magee, hilariously played for three seasons by Derek McGrath, has left Mercy to do some good work elsewhere. His replacement, the Reverend William Thorne brings with him an ambition and commitment to his church that leaves little room for opposing viewpoints. If Magee was a bright light in the most loving and accepting Christian tradition, Thorne is less keen on ‘loving thy neighbour...’

The renewed conflict at the core of the new season will bring out the best and the worst in our beloved characters. The challenges will mount in other ways too. Rayyan will have to learn to live as an independent woman after being left at the altar. Sarah’s loyalty to work and family will be tested. Yasir will be torn between his wife and his mother. Baber will have to rise up to be the ultra-conservative Muslim he’s always thought himself to be. And Amaar will have to face the greatest test of all—himself. Oh, and Reverend Thorne.

LITTLE MOSQUE ON THE PRAIRIE is the same funny and heart-warming show it has always been. With a little more edge.