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Ontario Morning from CBC Radio with Wei Chen

Ontario Morning tells you what's happening in your world - whether it's down the road or around the globe. Get the latest national and international news on World Report and local newscasts on the half-hour.

  • 49:02
    House of Commons committee is holding national consultations on human trafficking; Fix Our Schools; Today's surprise Speech From the Throne is previewed by Rob Benzie of the Toronto; What can we expect from baseball's Blue Jays this season?; Peterborough Airport and local homeowners; Hazards of uploading pictures of children to the internet; CBC's Amy Hadley wants to try living without plastic.
    Mar 19, 2018
  • 47:41
    The case for decriminalising all drugs as part of the effort to end the opioid crisis; A conversation with Jackie White, a woman who is learning to read in her 50's; Barrie-area riding executive for the Progressive Conservatives talks about the end of Patrick Brown's candidacy; Kingston police prepare for the annual St. Patrick's Day blowout; Putin's near-certain return to the Presidency in elections this Sunday; Kingston vet Ryan Liera talks about the sad death of a dog in an overhead bin during a flight and what people can do to prepare their pets when travelling; What Canadians have been googling on the subject of sleep.
    Mar 16, 2018
  • 51:44
    Following remarks by the Bank of Canada's Steven Poloz, Martha Friendly discusses the feasibility of a national daycare program; Problems from the overprescribing of opioids for post surgical care; Canadian Federation of Independent Business thinks private business should have a role in selling recreational cannabis in Ontario; Peterborough resident's research helps the museum find the rightful owners of some artifacts in its collection; Can your privacy be at risk by offering up personal information to qualify for Loblaw's $25 gift card?; Med students are have trouble finding residency placements; Innisfil will expand its public transit partnership with Uber; Cats are being abandoned at farms and rural locations in eastern Ontario
    Mar 15, 2018
  • 55:55
    Update on the escalating tensions between Russia and the U.K. following the poisoning of a former spy; Local resident objects to new fee structure for skiers at Blue Mountain; Rob Benzie of the Toronto Star looks ahead to the provincial election campaign and Doug Ford's platform; Councillor talks about failed effort to sell Peterborough Hydro ; Former head of the S.I.U. talks about the first case involving administration of naloxone by police; Some recommendations of new books by Canadian authors; Republican commentator looks at student demonstrations in favour of gun controls across the U.S later today; Economist Mike Moffat comments on Doug Ford's proposal to end income tax to people earning under $30 thousand.
    Mar 14, 2018
  • 03:35
    Ontario's pot stores will be called the Ontario Cannabis Store or OCS. Only problem is a handful of other Ontario businesses and organizations already share the OCS acronym. The CBC's Haydn Watters tracked them down to see what they think.
    Mar 13, 2018
  • 47:18
    Former Presbyterian church in Oro-Medonte to become new mosque; Analysis of Trump's tariffs and Canada's trade with former diplomat Colin Robertson; CBC's Queen's Park reporter Mark Crawley on the call by three PC leadership candidates for an injunction to extend voting; We Chat Pay and AliPay will be available in pilot project in Kingston; The cell phone hotel where students put their phones before class to improve focus and mindfulness; A preview of the Paralympic Games from athlete Darda Sales; Controlling the water chestnut
    Mar 9, 2018
  • 52:02
    Is the constant use of keyboards causing kids to lose the manual dexterity to write with pencils?; Aboriginal lawyer, Doug White, comments on news that the Crown will not be appealing the verdict in the Boushie killing case; Two high school students have differing views on lowering the voting age to 16; Efforts to bring Project Lifesaver, a tracking device for people with memory problems, to Simcoe County; Family doctor Peter Lin talks about re-classifying diabetes into 5 types; Robert Fisher looks at voting for the Progressive Conservative Party leader; International Women's Day
    Mar 8, 2018
  • 45:09
    Nutritionist Leslie Beck discusses a study that shows that pressuring teens about diet and appearance can lead to eating and image problems for generations; Home renovation contractors are having difficulty becoming certified for Ontario's GreenON program; An advocate and critic of proposal to extend the Green Belt into parts of Simcoe County; Recommendations of graphic novels; Trials suggests need for social workers in emergency rooms; Thrift store, Stuff, in Barre expands
    Mar 7, 2018
  • 45:03
    New invention for ice fishing - the 'Trigger' ; How your personality type might affect how you deal with food allergies; Cornwall city councillor on budget cuts; Women's finances; Medical Makers in Kingston use 3D printing to help patients; Four communities, including Kingston bid for 2020 Brier; Haydn Watters visits a Barrie class that found a stray budgie.
    Mar 6, 2018
  • 58:31
    Affordable housing in Barrie; Chicken camp; training chickens will make you a better animal trainer; Academy award wrap-up; Protest against appearance at Queen's University by controversial academic and author Jordan Peterson; ID KABN a new encrypted method to prove your identity in online transactions; The current state of NAFTA negotiations; Ontario Minister for Economic Development and Growth Steven Del Duca on America's threat to put tariffs on steel and aluminum; Doctor talks about overcoming his addiction to fentanyl
    Mar 5, 2018
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