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Maritime Noon with Norma Lee MacLeod

Maritime Noon is a one-hour program devoted to delivering informative reports and interviews which explore issues that are of interest to Maritimers.

  • 53:32
    There's a push to prevent poisoning from cooling systems at Canadians arenas. A message written at Cole Harbour District High School in 1985, lands in the Caribbean. On the phone in: social dance in the Maritimes.
    Feb 16, 2018
  • 53:27
    A call for improved safety measures at railway crossings after the death of a 29-year-old man using a wheelchair. A proud brother, cheers on his Olympic hockey playing sister. On the phone in: What homesteading skills do you possess?
    Feb 15, 2018
  • 53:47
    There's a new program in Richmond County, C.B., to combat loneliness. We get an update on on Yarmouth's Meal-A-Day for 100 Days program. On the phone in: what would you give up for love?
    Feb 14, 2018
  • 53:34
    We hear testimony from the national inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous women and girls in Moncton. On World Radio Day, UNESCO calls for more equality in sports coverage. On the phone in: the Great Backyard Bird Count.
    Feb 13, 2018
  • 53:28
    Dalhousie University is pushing to increase diversity among its employees, including in leadership positions. We hear your stories about life after cancer. On the phone in: Do you sometimes feel lonely?
    Feb 12, 2018
  • 53:36
    Former Nova Scotia MP Peter Stoffer responds to claims of inappropriate behaviour towards women. The body of a missing N.S. fisherman is recovered on board his boat. Our appliance repair expert answers your questions.
    Feb 9, 2018
  • 53:37
    A Cape Breton woman worries she'll lose her home because of damage to the abandoned half of her duplex. Your thoughts on banning plastic. On the phone in: life after cancer treatment.
    Feb 8, 2018
  • 53:31
    There's a push to get more women working in farming on Prince Edward Island. Your thoughts on whether sprinkler systems should be installed in new homes. On the phone in: Would you support a ban on single-use plastic items?
    Feb 7, 2018
  • 53:39
    A Yarmouth County woman takes to social media when the end of her grandmother's driveway gets washed out. More feedback on boiling lobsters. On the phone in: Should building codes be changed to include sprinklers in all new houses?
    Feb 6, 2018
  • 53:31
    A human rights case that could change where people with disabilities live is underway in Nova Scotia. Community members write letters of encouragement to UPEI students. Car expert Doug Bethune answers your questions.
    Feb 5, 2018
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